Estrogenic substances which drain vitality

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I'll start off with hops. Modern faggot hipsters insist on beer which is suffused with this phytoestrogen. There's nothing wrong with beer, but there is plenty wrong with hops, which are soporific and disgusting. Vikings put freaking rhodiola in their beer; a substance which increases vitality. Eternal anglo put hops in beer and brought it to the world as a way of pacifying worker bees.



Haunebu 7

This is interesting. It's a very specific type of man that I find drinking craft beer (which is far more hoppy than regular lager or ale) and it's always an emasculated nerd.

I always thought that they picked these extremely hoppy pale ales because they smell like cannabis, I wasnt aware that the drink it's self was actually contributing to their faggotry.

John Haves

Whistling in the dark; it makes prepubescent women menstruate for the love of all that is holy.


I always hated IPA because they tastes like a bag of nickels, , and I suspect is/was possibly promoted as a self-flagellation by ascetics because it tastes bad*, but it turns out hopps is estrogenic, faggotizing? This is just crazy. Food is probably the base problem with ZOG. Note caffeine worker bees probably started within the British Empire.

*think of how hipsters compete for who listens to the least enjoyable music.


One of the genius things about IPA; the extreme hopping is such that you'll never know if you're drinking decent beer or alcoholic urine. That's how it got started in craft brewing. It's a lot easier to make an IPA than a good malty beer. 99% of world beer has minimal hopping. Other than a few fruit beers, IPA is the only beer style where you can't really taste the beer itself.

I recommend Sweetness and Power by Sidney Mintz for a primer on how tea, sugar, coffee, and tobacco were all used by the eternal Anglo to turn their domestic lower classes into worker bees.
President Camacho

I'd guess that hopped beers pushed out traditional ales initially becuase the preserving effects of hops gave them longer shelf lives-- Byssus and BAP on twitter said Anglos promoted hopped beers to make people docile to regimented/industrialized life, this is convincing as a secondary factor.

When Ben Franklin lived in London, his co-apprentices in the printing biz would drink beer from the start of their shift to the end. They even called the temperate Franklin the "Water American" because he'd pace or dilute his beer intake so he could do vigorous walking or swimming etc after work. Early printlaying was probably maddeningly repetitive and mundane work--of the sort that would increasingly dominate as industrialization progressed.


This is a topic of supreme importance. I am convinced ZOG is lowering our sperm counts and creating manboobed mutants through this process. Estrogenic substances I know of:


Also, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts) contain glucobrassicin, which when it gets broken down and converted to Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), has effects on both estrogen receptors and causes estrogen in the body to undergo C2 hydroxylation instead of C4 or C16, which causes it to lose most of its estrogenic activity. Fight ZOG food with cruciferous vegetables.