Panicked MSM Begins Killing Off Comment Sections

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Niccolo and Donkey

There have been dozens of outlets in the last two weeks announcing tightening of comments/getting rid of them/forcing people to use real IDs.
Bob Dylan Roof

There's an organised push among some of the bigger papers/media "presences" to collaborate on a shared system to make this happen ... idea being you'd have one account that work at the Guardian and NYT and National Post etc.

There's those who say entrenched competition among media owners mean it is impossible.

I actually think media owners like the idea as it would gel nicely with a universal "micro payment" paywall type system for all content.

A version will happen sooner rather than later IMO. How successful it is remains to be seen.
President Camacho
Main benefit of that system from their perspective (in addition to being monetized easier) is that a dissident commenter could be banned across the entire spectrum of organized media with one stroke... no Niccolo and Donkeys terrorizing Ta-Nehisi Coates at the Atlantic and then moving on to further targets at the Guardian, etc.

I say bring it on... that strategy would be a smashing success with soft-headed baby boomer types who like to think that their cookie-cutter opinions (which they think are so ingenious and original) matter for the future, but it would only alienate the youfs and further de-legitimize the mass media in their eyes. The proliferation of "alternative media" of all stripes on the internet (even subversive marxist outlets, etc) should be looked upon as a net positive because it helps smash MSM hegemony.