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Bob Dylan Roof
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The Mass Media along with Open Borders advocates have managed to marginalize the story of Somali-Minnesotan jihadists fighting on the front lines of the recent massacre in Kenya. Most of the relevant search results now return stories of Somali-Americans denouncing the attacks in Kenya and expressing fear of reprisals from racist white people.

What is most astonishing here is the increasingly precipitous decline of American credibility on the international stage. After over a decade of chest thumping, acts of war, and most importantly, an unprecedented expansion of a thoroughly un-American, un-Anglo-Saxon surveillance state, it is now the United States that is both actively supporting and exporting radical Muslim terrorism around the world . Compounding this absurd shift is the endless insouciant refrain calling for more immigration from savage, war-torn nations. I wonder how long the "few bad apples" argument can continue to carry the Open Borders lobby.