Salo Forum sign-up sheet for Salo Platypus Detachment to be sent to Greece to aid in the Coup D'etat

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Niccolo and Donkey

We need 12 handsome Salotreans to volunteer to go to Greece and aid in the coming coup d'etat to save Hellas from disaster.

Are you handsome? y/n
Physical Description
Describe Combat Experience (Military or Internet or both)



Dovid bin Yonatan
6'1, green eyes, brown hair, three golden teeth, 199 lbs
Abstract thinking, drinking liquids really fast, shooting (through a peep sight only)
Punched three people in the face

Gruppenführer Glitter
Name: Gary Glitter
Handsome: Very
Physical Description: Keyboard warrior who has adapted to low light conditions. Non-lifter.
Skills: MS paint comics and shitposting
Combat Experience: I am trained in the ancient arts of fighting IRL. I have a hanzo steel katana.
Name : Ahmad ibn Fadlān ibn al-Abbās ibn Rāšid
Are you handsome? can melt a thousand hearts with a sidelong glance
Physical Description: fat meathead, often wears vintage 'nWo' t-shirt
Skills : Twitter racism, convincing girls to text nude selfies, mild Mandarin proficiency (pinyin only)
Combat Experience: boxed in college , multiple arrests , beer pong champion
Randall McMurphy

I am really busy. On another note, is there a Veterans fund I might donate to, so that I might loosely present the notion I was actually part of it?

Niccolo and Donkey
Yes, please wire any funds to Bronze Age Pervert . He will post the wire instructions on this thread.

Name: Female Platypus
Are you handsome? I am a comely female platypus
Physical Description: Soft and brown.Although I am not a handsome male, I would like to sign up in order to nurse the men as they sustain injuries in combat, gather intelligence, and provide the unit with tasty sandwiches.

  • First aid
  • Sandwich making
  • Swinging hips
  • Ability to use feminine wiles to gather intelligence on the enemy
Describe Combat Experience (Military or Internet or both) Slicing through carpet snakes, large goannas and native water-rats with my bare claws; throwing people into volcanoes.
Randall McMurphy
I need a firm commitment that tales of my bravery will be generally acknowledged as loosely accurate. It will be considered fair to mention that my exploits were not perhaps as grand as the legend--and I will agree to play down the legend publicly-but the general point of the legend need to be kept in tact. Something about saving a virgin from antifa hordes, perhaps too much, something about saving a Greek girl from antifa hordes, would work.
Bob Dylan Roof

Nice try :jew:

Name : Rod Dreher
Are you handsome? see below
Physical Description : tall, dark, thin wrists, beard

Skills :
log cabin conservative
dying por la patria
dying fur blut und boden

Combat experience : moderated troll comments on my blog, banned niccolo and donkey

Name - Fatale aka Vixen
Are you handsome? y/n - N/A
Physical Description - Female
Skills - I have bewbiez
Describe Combat Experience (Military or Internet or both) - succubizing internet forum owners