Roosh Calls Out Subcon Anti-White Kunts

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Bronze Age Pervert

Good article, and good to see someone finally point to the problem of the nasty character of "model minorities":

Niccolo and Donkey

Yes, but you can't deny that he shows his hand at the end:

>(Steve Jobs was a white man)
>(Howard Schultz is a white man)
>(Nick Denton is a white man)
>a homely white girl

>three Euro-Levantine hybrids
>" half -white"
>white : "This means that my blood is 50% Iranian and 50% Armenian."


Don Johnson

I think his hand may have been evident at the outset.

Isn't "Roosh" some sort of non-white who travels to white countries to lay white women? Who writes about it, promotes it, profits from it, etc.?

If he had gone and stayed home and written this, I might consider that he wrote it in good faith.

But this seems more like an instance of invasive parasites turning on each other to preserve their niche and position and protect themselves from detection and retaliation by the invaded species i.e. white men.
Bronze Age Pervert

He's white compared to subcons and would be classified as whate by race huckster lobby...

Do you believe this post reflects the usual Persian disgust for subcons tho...

Bob Dylan Roof

In my experience, dark subcons tend to harbor pitiful amounts of resentment toward the usual suspects, like white men, women in general, black men, etc. I'm not sure about what generates this palpable inferiority. Maybe it all started when Indrauta of Mittani genocided six million dark aboriginals in bronze age india.

Bronze Age Pervert