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Bronze Age Pervert

I'm reading Nigel Cliff's The Last Crusade: the Epic Voyages of Vasco da Gama and thought I'd remake my old thread from the old Salo, with some revisions.

New Modes and Orders FTW


Cliff understands Portuguese imperialism as driven not just by economic desires, but by Crusading zeal, a grand plan to outflank Islam, strangle its economic life, and then march on Jerusalem.

They were certainly doing the Lord's work!!

Bronze Age Pervert

This is very important stanza,

My rough slang poverty translation,

I said "new modes and orders" for a reason. Please compare what Camoes says here with what Machiavelli says in the opening of the Discourses and what he says about "new modes and orders." The Renaissance was a self-conscious attempt to exceed antiquity, not to repeat it. To learn from it, emulate, but with the object though to set up a "new virtue," and surpass the ancient order.

What was the essence of this new virtue? I believe it was vitalism and "animal power." Strauss on several occasions blames modern decadence and nihilism on this, though both he and his better students would admit that it was an unintentional consequence of Machiavelli's project. But this was a self-conscious conspiracy.