Transfiguration of World: Nuclear Strike on China [poll]

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Bronze Age Pervert

Do you support a surprise nuclear strike on China?
Soon China have ability to wipe out USA, Europe, Australia, all enemies, with surprise nuclear strike of their own. Why wouldn't they do it? The warm and generous Chinese heart!!!?! But see how Han treat animals, and their own, coldly looking away as they die on the street. Today at Taiwanese restaurant impudent Chink kept banging on the bathroom door and when I came out he didn't make eye contact, looked at floor and tried to brush in past me. You think this people wouldn't wipe everyone else out if they could?

Or prudence, you say? They build underground city under every city, they can save at least 50% of population, even if they lose 600 million they still stand to inherit the world. The stakes are high, why wouldn't they do it? Wipe out everyone else then send 100-200 million strong liquidation commando Han rape squads across the earth.

I say...STRIKE FIRST! Infiltrate US presidency and make surprise all-out nuke strike on China. Destroy the Han collective, give back empire to Tibet, and divide the rest of China among American corporations (Coca Cola territory, Adidas free city, etc.)

Spare Hong Kong and return it to the British:

Bob Dylan Roof
Niccolo and Donkey

I will only support these strikes if the Chinese in North America and Europe are dealt with as well.


Europeans make fun of us for our allergy to China, but if you think about our Sinophiles, who is worse? Both, OK, but America's domination of Japan and half of Korea has been one of its only positive contributions in history. If MacArthur, Patton ran the show, China would be vastly better, as half of it wouldn't exist. Moreover China agrees. The One Child Policy.

Alternatively, Manchuria should've been a Soviet Republic.

Does the rhino really have to go extinct for the sake of small dick pill medicine? And people say they are atheists!

Yes, wipe them. Give Tibet to the Tibetans, Inner Mongolia to the Mongols, East Turkestan to Uyghurs, and Manchuria to the Manchus if they still can be salvaged. For the rest of the territory, turn it into natural park after massive rewilding/restoration of fauna project to bring back the endemic biodiversity consumed by the Han meat-grinder.

Stars Down To Earth
President Camacho

Dolan is another guy, like both Ames and Taibbi, who are part of this sort of Alt-Left, yet remain clearly aloof to the Bernie/Green Party types they hide behind as cover. The cover is required because all of these writers are essentially misanthropic and nihilistic, yet cannot admit as much in the likes of Daily Beast or Rolling Stone .

Dolan's article " Missing the Mongols " is also bretty gud and written with a similar tone:

It's too bad the Mongols didn't go the Iranian route w/China... they failed in their duty to mankind:
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Speaking of John Dolan..

John Dolan speaks of his Irish-American childhood in the Bay Area, and later in Berkeley as a grad student:

Direct link to mp3:

There's a funny story in the interview (within the first ten minutes) about a Chinese friend of Dolan's (another grad student in the Berkeley rhetoric department) who called himself "Newton Lu" because no one could pronounce his real name.

Dolan supports Chariman Mao for reasons that are closely related to Mao's attitude toward nuclear annihilation. Dolan was a poetic (not purely rational) thinker, much like T777 :

Dolan seems like he wavers between outright active nihilism and residual Catholic Social Teaching to navigate ideas. Possibly the essence of Indo-European genius is the observation that the world has no seeming purpose beyond causing pain, that a worse world isn't even possible. Modern Western thinkers lack the religious institutions to bear the full weight of this idea, so they usually end-up flitting-off to some fantasy or another.

Nevertheless, the old eXile had this great feature (all-to-brief), the Schopenhauer Awards where they highlighted a few choice terrible things about planet Earth:

The eXile is proud to present a new feature that we hope will entertain and educate you, the knowledge-hungry eXhole. In each issue we’ll introduce you to a new species we’ve nominated for the Schopenhauer Award. We’re going to focus on the less-glamorous critters, the ones you won’t see in a Disney film: the parasites, the venom-dispensers, the eyeless, brainless lumps of flesh which populate the Schopenhauerian nightmare we call Life.

We at eXile feel that these humble beasts have an important lesson to teach. The more you learn about creatures like the hagfish, Box Jelly and Scabies Mite, the sooner you’ll face the fact that this world is a squirming, writhing mound of maggoty flesh with no point, no God and no redeeming social value. In short, we’re going to deprogram you, tweeze your eyes open Clockwork-Orange style and show you what you’d rather not know.


We’ve named the feature after a hero of ours, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), the only philosopher in history who had the guts to say out loud that life has no point but pain. Schopenhauer’s point was so clear, simple, consistent and convincing that the nineteenth-century Beigists used their ultimate weapon against him: they ignored him. But Schopenhauer was a tough, persistent bastard. He spent sixty years telling smug Victorian Europe the one thing it couldn’t bear to hear.

Sound like an exciting adventure in learning, doesn’t it? Well then, let’s meet…

Our First Schopenhauer Award Nominee: The Estuarine Stonefish
This bottom-dweller is a perfect poster-child for Schopenhauer’s claim that life is nothing but ugliness and pain. As evil as it looks — kind of like J. Edgar Hoover’s head rotting on the sea bottom — this critter is much creepier once you know what it can do. You see, the Estuarine Stonefish is basically a big, ugly hypodermic needle filled with poison.

It can hardly move. It doesn’t need to. It just settles into the muddy bottom of shallow bays and estuaries, perfectly camouflaged as a lump of mud and algae, and waits to envenom an unlucky fisherman or wading child.

Every year, thousands of people step on this little booby-trap. Within seconds, they’re screaming in agony, because this sluggish, slow-swimming lump of flesh has one suberbly designed feature: a set of spines sticking up from its back, perfectly angled to jab deeply into your foot.

The spines are sturdy and sharp. Once they’ve pierced your foot, a very efficient set of four venom glands start squirting poison into your flesh.

Stonefish venom can kill you — but only if you’re lucky. Most researchers agree that a stonefish sting is the most intense pain a human being can experience. An Australian surfer who was stung wading out to the waves said that even though the doctors gave him shot after shot of morphine, the pain was unendurable, completely beyond anything he’d ever experienced. He only stopped screaming to beg the doctors to cut off his leg. When they refused, he asked them to kill him. When he lunged for a scalpel to stab himself with, they tied him to the bed and let him scream. The agony went on for months. Even when the pain fades to merely agonizing levels, the victim is likely to suffer nerve damage and will never walk properly again.