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We've discussed rewilding as it refers to conservation , but the term takes on another meaning within the anarcho-primitivist milieu. As they put it, rewilding is about,
Despite their anti-civilizational, anti-democratic, anti-progress and anti-humanist views, they are still part of the leftist project as it entails grand egalitarian goals. For instance, whomever wrote this Green Anarchist FAQ was seemingly unperturbed by the cognitive dissonance induced by promoting conflicting ideologies:
What I propose is that, if anything, "actually existing" anarcho-primitivism would be better suited to reactionaries, especially those who support tribal, nomadic societies. For one, despite the dreams of the Green Anarchists, rewilding and living in a hunter-gatherer society is only possible if traditional gender roles are in place. Secondly, such societies would also be impossible without a strict hierarchy though they would be more communitarian. For those questioning the desirability or enjoyability of such a society, consider the the idea that hunter-gatherers were the, " original affluent society ."

Going Feral

For examples of true rewilding, it's important to look at examples of feral children. The case of Marcos Pantoja is interesting:
Active Nihilism/Irrationalism

Getting back to the anarcho-primitivists for a moment, it is worth noting that one Steve Booth wrote an article for Green Anarchist titled, "The Irrationalists" which espoused support for the Unabomber, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Aum Shinrikyo sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway. Booth and his cohorts were subsequently attacked by others on the left for (what else?) fascism. Responding to their attempts to build a Green Colony in Southern Africa, Stewart Home hyperbolically wrote ,
White Barbarism At Play

The question of violence is inevitable and one wonders what overlap there is between rewilding and white barbarism . For instance, the behavior of Eastern European skinheads is rather akin to a pack of wild dogs. One has to wonder if domestication is being shed like the old skin of a snake? While ethno-tribal violence is common throughout the rural Caucuses, it is interesting to see racially motivated savagery take place in more cosmopolitan areas. Consider the case of Artur Ryno , a painting student in Moscow who killed 37 immigrants with his friend Pavel Skachevski. While one could view these two as simply lone wolf nationalists, those posters here concerned with racial science may want to gaze upon their visages.
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Is this what one means by unreduced cromagnid?

Acts of barbarism by packs of wild young men are not uncommon in CIS countries. One of the most horrific examples being the "Dnepropetrovsk maniacs" who acted less like humans in any meaningful capacity and more accurately as mammalian predators choosing their victims by how vulnerable or weak they seemed. While this extreme case is certainly not desirable in any manner, it is a raw example of feral, undomesticated humans.
Bob Dylan Roof
During the tumult of the '60s, an alternative to the utopian communes emerged in the pacific northwest called the Valorian Society. They published several books under the label "Sovereign Press" up until 1991, but vanished thereafter until a facebook page and a publication page dedicated to the group recently emerged. Their cultish group was organized around the 7 points of agreement , which included an infamous right to trial by combat to the death.

Many of their books suggest primitivist inclinations away from modern technological society. I initially thought their ideas were simplistic and utopian, and that no one would ever put them into practice. After reading about half of their books, I am now convinced that they did establish something in Washington state that appears to still exist; I am also convinced that they have killed people on their land.
This is fascinating. I'd never heard of this group before and a quick search has only yielded books by Sovereign Press and a Metapedia entry on Melvin Ezell Gorham, described as the "guiding spirit" of the Valorian Society. Their preference for tribal society coupled with their interest in paganism and a dejudeized Christianity is reminiscent of the völkisch movement. It's worth noting that the völkisch movement had two strains, one which went left and was influenced by the pederast Gustav Wyneken and a rightward, "blood and soil" faction who eventually joined the Nazis. The leftist faction seems to have resurfaced decades later in Germany's Green Party which, as we know, had a whole wing of politicized pedophiles . On the other side of the spectrum, the NPD has been trying to resurrect the spirit of the Artaman League in the Mecklenburg region. Trigger warning : linked article from the Guardian is full of :tard2:
Only leftists are allowed to farm organically.
Bob Dylan Roof

lol, I was unaware of the Green Party-kiddie rape connection.

While the Valorian Society is heavily influenced by "pagan" thought, they are neither a spiritual nor a Voelkisch group. Their ideology is much closer to a form of libertarianism that has been stripped of its abstract-philosophical and -moral content. Hence there is no abstract mandate for individuals to observe the property claims or contracts of others, as there is in traditional forms of libertarianism and liberalism.

Niccolo and Donkey
Broland, can you expand on the bolded part? How does that (magnets) work?
I am going to venture a guess and say this is the sort of libertarianism espoused in L.A. Rollins in The Myth of Natural Rights . In this respect Rollins (and possibly the participants of the Valorian Society?), is closer to the egoism of Max Stirner. As such, the Seven Points of Agreement linked above may be closer in nature to Stirner's "Union of Egoists" than the social contract of classical liberalism. Consider this statement from the Seven Points of Agreement:

And Stirner's description of the sorts of spontaneous unions that happen everyday , " Two friends playing with their toys, two men going together to the wine shop."
Bob Dylan Roof
Something like what fop said. The goal to which they aspire is a form of human association that is unmediated by legal and moral abstractions. There are only "natural" forces restricting human behavior, like trial by combat. Thus if a group of individuals agree to honor contracts and distribute land among themselves, this would not bind a "valorian", because he was not party to the contract, and because he does not believe in the abstract morality of Misesians. He would be free to use whatever means possible to appropriate the land.

The 7 agreements are meant to (somewhat paradoxically) secure this arrangement among consenting individuals in the most "natural" or "eugenic" way possible.
Niccolo and Donkey
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I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this because I've always viewed the concept of property rights as inherent within any form of libertarianism.
Bob Dylan Roof
You can also look at it as taking the idea of self-ownership seriously. If self-protection includes protecting oneself from the consequences of other individuals who have been designated "property owners" by some abstract libertarian calculus, e.g., the individual has "mixed his labor" with all of the arable land in the area by urinating on it (Bowery's example from majorityrights), then self-ownership sanctions the transgression of abstract property rights. The alternative would be to place moral abstractions and the interests of the entrenched property owner (elite) above the survival of the individual, which is the ultimate purpose of slave morality.