Excerpts from The Plumed Serpent (D.H. Lawrence)

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The stars and the earth and the sun and the moon and the winds
Are about to dance the war dance round you, men!
When I say the word, they will start.
For sun and stars and earth and the very rains are weary
Of tossing and rolling the substance of life to your lips.
They are saying to one another: Let us make an end
Of those ill-smelling tribes of men, these frogs that can't jump,
These cocks that can't crow,
These pigs that can't grunt,
This flesh that smells,
These words that are all flat,
These money vermin,
These white men, and red men, and yellow men, and brown
men, and black men.‚Äč
That are neither white, nor red, nor yellow, nor brown, nor black
But everyone of them dirtyish.
Let us have a spring cleaning in the world.
For men upon the body of the earth are like lice,
Devouring the earth into sores.
This is what stars and sun and earth and moon and winds and rain
Are discussing with one another; they are making ready to start.
So tell the men I am coming to,
To make themselves clean, inside and out.
To roll the gravestone off their souls, from the cave their bellies,
To prepare to be men.

Or else prepare for the other things.