A Guide to the Inner Earth

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This is a private subforum, visible only to select members and hidden from search engines, for more discreet and nefarious discussions.

What goes here? Anything you'd rather limit to a somewhat more secure and less exposed setting than the main forum – for instance, horrifying personal disclosures, descriptions of recurring dreams, logs of trips to strange places, scanned correspondences with Ted Kaczynski, anthropological treatises on people you see on public transportation, invitations to fight and die like Leonidas, and accounts of IRL activisms or chimpouts.

  • New posts in this subforum will not appear under "What's New or "Latest Threads".
  • The existence of this subforum should not be disclosed in any of the more public venues of Salo, including the Shoutbox, or in any location on any other forum.

This OP is now defunct since it's now a public forum.