Maryland School to Use Bulletproof Whiteboards

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The University of Maryland Eastern Shore will introduce bulletproof whiteboards in its classrooms this fall. “It’s like having a fire extinguisher. Nobody blinks at having one of those in the classroom,” Bill Robinson, a spokesman for the university, told ABC News. “It’s basically a police shield with a white board surface,” George Tunis, the founder of Hardwire LLC, explained. Hardwire, a company that has previously made military armor, began manufacturing the boards this year. The boards are approximately four times the size of a bulletproof vest but are the same weight as normal white boards, Tunis said. They are designed to hang on classroom doors or walls but can be used as a defensive tool by teachers, should an emergency arise. “It’s something that would blend in but serves as a constant reminder of school safety. If a teacher ever had to fight an assailant, this would be a useful tool,” Tunis said. “If I had an intruder in my own home, I would reach for this before a gun.” The university bought 200 whiteboards for $299 apiece and will distribute them to faculty, Robinson said. “Having this in your hands will serve as a constant reminder of the present reality. An event like Sandy Hook,” Tunis said, referring to the massacre in Newtown, Conn., last December, ”can happen anytime, anyplace.”

Collapse comedy anyone?


How are you supposed to holding these things? By the edges? Couldn't the assailant just shoot a shield-bearer's fingers off?


So can lightning.

Indeed. Looks like someone invented a job for himself, but as usual in modern times, at taxpayer expense.
Should be fairly easy to add some handhold straps on the back.

I want a white-board
Team Zissou

Sandy Hook must be one of the most uninteresting horrific massacres ever committed.

I thought there were all sorts of interesting questions from this massacre. I consider myself a pretty typical somewhat nerdy white guy who wants to try and figure things out from his armchair. I assume there's a lot of us, given all the publications out there dedicated to dissecting current events, and I assume that's because a lot of similarly inclined folks became journalists to make a living off their innate curiosity.

The popular press, not just the professional press, is full of detailed breakdowns, charts, diagrams, timelines, etc. for all sorts of natural and human disasters. But Sandy Hook is different. Nothing interesting about it at all.

For starters, there was the shooter's family. This incredibly neotenous 20-year old lives with mom who's retired off her ex-husband. As soon as this happens, ex-husband is throwing suitcases in the trunk of his car and peeling out of the driveway. Brother has refused to have anything to do with the shooter or Mom for several years. Mom is the shooter's first victim, by the way.

How did he gain entry? What firearms did he use? What was his methodology? Which firearm did he prefer? Who were the easiest targets? The most difficult? Who survived and why?

Why did he still look pre-pubescent even though he was 20 years old? Why did he shoot mom and then go shoot a bunch of children at a school? What meds was he on? What was his diagnosis? Diet? Congenital conditions?

But that's just me. I find all these sorts of questions interesting. If I could get paid to do it, I'd spend a month in Sandy Hook with a forensic team. I figure that might be useful data, right? Isn't that what all those TV shows assume, that dozens of dedicated government employees are poring over crime scenes and feeding data and analysis into giant computers.

But nobody ever bothered with any of this sort of thing in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre. Just a really, really un-interesting massacre. It looks like all we're going to get out of it is these whiteboard shields.


This is as good a thread as any to review the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, which didn't happen far from me.

The only things that came out of that tragedy as far as I can see is:

1. A perfectly good, recently built elementary school with all the modern amenities being razed to the ground and being rebuilt presumably at taxpayer expense.

2. A veritable anti-gun hysteria, culminating at the national level, but especially impacting the state level, prompting uselessly stricter gun laws and inadvertently driving good jobs out of the state .

3. A lot of chatter about how to stop similar gunmen in the future, like the idea of building bulletproof doors and windows, stationing police officers, arming principals, etc.

It goes without saying that mass-murdering first-graders is unthinkably horrible, and yet almost no one seemed to ask the basic questions about Adam Lanza and the acts that he perpetrated. Almost all the focus fell on gun laws and ideas like stationing cops at schools.

Team Zissou
In conjunction with a firearm in your dominant hand, which is the standard configuration for a foot soldier.


Otherwise, it's a very simple matter of me shoving that shield back into you which, for the average woman, is going to topple her backwards, and probably sprain her shoulder or wrist as well.
Team Zissou
Yes. The illusion must be perpetuated that this is just a random, unpredictable event and there's no need searching for patterns, like SSRI use or distant, removed fathers. It's all because we have too many guns and not enough government employees.
I wasn't going to say anything, but I'm glad someone did.

I doubt Ginger would make much of a centurion. She should get and learn how to shoot a .22 revolver for starters.

I meant if someone was spraying bullets, not if someone was going to shove me. =) I wouldn't even try to get in a fight like that

President Camacho

Ahh, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore... that notorious landmark of higher learning in the crosshairs of extremists everywhere... so how much kickback did the principal get for putting these shield guys on the front page?