The Barren Wombs of Smart Women

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Niccolo and Donkey
The Barren Wombs of Smart Women

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Jim Goad

August 12, 2013

A statistical analysis from England suggests that a woman’s IQ is inversely proportional to her desire to breed. This, in turn, suggests that the world will grow dumber with every new day.

In his book The Intelligence Paradox , London School of Economics researcher Satoshi Kanazawa surveyed data from the United Kingdom’s National Child Development Study. Controlling for variables such as education and income, he reached the following conclusions:

• With each increase of 15 IQ points, a woman’s urge to reproduce is diminished by 25%.
• The average IQ of women who want children is 5.6 points lower than those who don’t want them.
• Among all 45-year-old women in England, 20% are childless, but this figure rises to 43% among those with college degrees.

The paradox is that women who are measurably more intelligent based on IQ tests are dumber in terms of evolutionary survival instincts. Kanazawa writes:
Kanazawa’s findings correlate with a 2010 Pew survey that found women ages 40-44 with a master’s degree or higher are 60% more likely to be childless than women who never graduated high school.

Kanazawa is widely known as a “controversial” researcher, which is coded speech meaning that his results cause significant discomfort among those who swallow the reigning cultural dogma. In the past he has faced approbation, ridicule, and even job dismissal for publishing studies that claim black women are less attractive than women of other races due to their higher testosterone levels, sub-Saharan Africa’s poverty is caused by low IQ , intelligent men are less likely to cheat on their partners , and attractive people are more likely to produce female offspring . He also wrote that if Ann Coulter had been president in 2001, she would have dropped nuclear bombs on the Middle East and won the War on Terror “ without a single American life lost .”

But it is specifically his research on race and intelligence that causes his critics to dismissively snort that he is a zero-credibility genocidal wackjob who peddles junk science riddled with huge methodological flaws that raise the terrifying notion of eugenics that has long been debunked and discredited because of, well, Hitler and everything.

Paul Gilroy, a colleague of Kanazawa’s at the London School of Economics, says:
In other words:
Despite all the jeers and catcalls, Kanazawa defends his research:
The most egregious blasphemy one can utter in today’s insanely stifling and repressive climate of intolerant egalitotalitarianism is to gently suggest that genetics play any role in determining intelligence differences and relative prosperity between individuals and social groups.

Yet (grab a hankie) that’s what the evidence suggests.

Despite the propaganda the media uses to try and blow out your eardrums, the scientific consensus suggests that adult IQ is roughly 75-85% inherited . But due to the currently taboo nature of this fact, Western researchers are unlikely to even suggest such things publicly without sacrificing their careers . The Chinese suffer no such ultimately dysgenic superstitions and are forging ahead in their attempts to crack the code. This might be one of the main reasons why the coming century could belong to them.

Further buttressing Kanazawa’s findings, global evidence suggests that high IQ tends to be negatively correlated with total fertility rate . J. Philippe Rushton’s r /K selection theory noted that parents who actually invested time and thought in nurturing their children tended to have fewer of them…and vice-versa.

Intelligent people have the reflective capacity to consider things such as whether they’d have the economic wherewithal to raise successful offspring, whereas dumber people tend to invest as much thought into reproduction as they do to defecation. The end result is an increasingly dysgenic world— Idiocracy made flesh.

Western sophisticates claim that the world already has enough people, and many tend to see it as a matter of conscience to not breed. The problem is that hordes of Third Worlders suffer no such ethical qualms. Paradoxically, the pampered First World utopian ideal that the world should be intelligent, sustainable, and filled only with children who are wanted could backfire and create a planet crammed almost exclusively with emotionally, financially, and intellectually deprived Third World bastards.

This wasn’t the case before feminism came along to empower women and free them from childbearing’s oppressive shackles. It wasn’t the case until Big Brother morphed into Big Daddy and financially penalized the intelligent for reproducing as it gave handouts that encouraged cretins to spawn. It wasn’t the case during the Victorian Era, when it wasn’t considered so déclassé for wealthy and intelligent women to have children and when it’s estimated that the mean Western IQ was nearly 14 points higher than it is now.

The grand irony is that by failing to breed, this new breed of woman will breed itself out of existence.
Niccolo and Donkey

Are you saying that I'm dumb?

The problem here is that in modern times the intelligence of women, whether high or low, has been brought into the foreground as if it somehow matters. IQ quotes say nothing of ingenuity and creativity, East Asia being the prime example. There are plenty of intelligent women and even if they chose not to have children, they still contribute very little to the sciences, hard or not, than men do. Probably even men of lower intelligence contribute more. Throughout human history, no man has ever given two shits about whether or not his wife is intelligent. "Is she young, healthy and pretty? Does it look like she can produce children without dying in childbirth with the first one? Check plz!" Despite this total disregard for female intellect, women have continued to breed intelligent sons and daughters and I'm sure more than a few of those have been pea-brained mothers.

In modern times however, a woman is only worthy if she can compete with men on typical male areas, hence all these intelligent womens with fancy degrees and barren wombs. Feminists wanted to raise the woman up to be the equal of the man and did this not by exalting and placing importance on that which has traditionally been womens' domain - home and children - but by denigrating those two important things. Today you're nothing as a woman if you don't have a degree, a 60h/week job and 10 cocks on your list of accomplishments so far.

I'm not saying women shouldn't receive education or be allowed to pursue higher degrees - some of us can do that and have children at the same time . I'm saying that instead of putting one before the other, women should be encouraged to make the choice that's best for them and if that choice means being a stay-at-home mom with three kids then that's perfectly fine. Today, especially in Western Europe, you're frowned upon if you say that you have zero interest in pursuing a career and that you prefer to have kids. You're instantly labelled as dumb for wanting children.

Combine all this with the prevailing Western attitude of life being one long happy summer of eternal adolescence and that everything that concerns family can wait and you've got demographic worries like below-replacement-level birthrates and mouth-breathers doing all the breeding. I've met women who honestly think their ovaries are as young as they themselves think they look and feel as well as both men and women who are surprised to hear that I have a husband and big kids. "But you're so young!" No stupid, I'm not, I'm nearing my mid-thirties.

All normal women, stupid and not stupid, want children. Not so smart women will not produce 10 children if they produce them with men of at least average intelligence. So something is clearly wrong in the heads of intelligent women. The dumber women who want children seem normal in comparison.

No degree in the world will mean anything if you don't reproduce. Everything we do, we do for future generations.

:tard2: This man sounds like an idiot.
Team Zissou
He's a Japanese antperson and seems to relish being a provocateur .

But I think he's unfortunately right about Islam: it won't stop until it's stopped.
Team Zissou

Antpeople shown rampaging across Europe and forming a human bridge over the Atlantic:



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Mr. Goad wrote this tweet the day before he released the article:

Jim Goad @ jimgoad 11 Aug
Feminism is a plot concocted by global elites to make women have fewer babies and more cats.


I don't doubt the data shown by Mr. Goad, but I think there's another ingredient at play here, which is that no sane man would want to breed with a "smart woman", aka a cunt. Divorces are expensive.

Men like submissive women, and an IQ of 105 is no obstacle whatsoever.

Lord Scales

Women are conditioned by modernity to either not have children at all or to have them late in life- to the disaster of Western culture.