FARC Controls the Tungsten (Therefore the Future)

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FARC Mined Tungsten Finds its way into Apple, BMW Products
I'd post the whole article but I always have formatting issues. Basically the story boils down to this: the FARC runs illegal tungsten mines in the middle of Indian territory. The mined ore is then sold to mineral processors such as Geo Copper who in turn sell the refined products to companies such as Apple, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard and BMW.
This is one of those stories about the dark side of globalization that comes off as somewhat comical given what aspects of the story are supposed to upset right-thinking readers. For instance, the fact that a para-state entity such as the FARC is enriching itself off illegal tungsten mining is the boogeyman of the story. If the mineral processing companies were simply buying tungsten ore directly from the Indians I doubt this article would have even been written. The FARC are worrisome because they oppose Yanqui imperialism and the Colombian government by force. They are also nominally Marxist though this story shows that they have an entrepreneurial and rent seeking side to their practices. While I can't find it at the moment, I once read an article which had a FARC commander quoting Milton Friedman.
Yes, Colombia's military police, who have been known to have close ties to death squads such as the AUC, are actively concerned about the well being of the native population.
The moral of the story, however, is that none of this would be necessary (global corporations dirtying their hands by dealing with rebels in the jungle) if China would just get with the program and sell all their natural resources to the highest bidder in the international marketplace.
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You're spot on in your assessment that this is a battle between Globalists and anti-Globalists. International Finance turned against Putin when he threw Khodorkovsky in prison and gave his goods to Rosneft, while not allowing BP to stake the claim that they wanted elsewhere in the country.

And we all know how the Chinese dominate the mining of rare earth minerals.

Rare-earth mineral substitutes could defeat Chinese stranglehold