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Link to the paper - http://paa2008.princeton.edu/papers/80046



I can anecdotally confirm this. I've never been attracted to black or asian men in any way whatsoever. I like males that are genetically similar to myself, but perhaps also from a different European ethnicity. Unlike the popular view of most other women, I do not care about income levels. I wouldn't consider a black or asian man no matter how much money he made. I prefer to not be reliant upon someone else's income, and make and keep my own money. I would be more open to supporting a male financially than the other way around.

Niccolo and Donkey
My view is that the fear from WNs and the propaganda by 'anti-racists' that racial mixing is endemic is misplaced. Most people will be attracted to those closest to their own looks, values, and cultural norms. It simply makes things simpler as there are more commonalities.

There will always be outliers in every community, with tiny minorities preferring the foreign or 'exotic', often for purely aesthetic reasons.
Bob Dylan Roof

Racial mixing is endemic among the lower classes in urban areas. This is historically consistent. I posted an infographic on the forum somewhere showing that the less educated a white woman was, the more likely it was that she would date black men.

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You steppin'?
Bob Dylan Roof
Hoppe claims the opposite: that intermarriage was a luxury for rich cosmopolitan merchants and regents seeking strategic alliances with alien powers. His argument is sound but the same conclusion can't be drawn in the context of modern cities. The unconscious goal of modern government is to render every individual dependent on it by dissolving all independent sources of power competition. This starts with religious bodies and works its way all the way down to the nuclear family. In the process, whole ethnic groups and races are dissolved. The data in that study suggests that miscegenation is now more prevalent among the lower class, from which White Nationalism draws the vast majority of its rank and file. So I guess the anxiety about the BBC is more rational for WNs.
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We discussed the bolded part previously, and you mentioned that Schmitt covers this. But I don't want to go off-topic.
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A recent Pew study shows racial intermarriage to be the highest among the middle class, so I guess I'm wrong. I'll try to find the infographic I mentioned.
Powerful Male Mohel my money is on the middle class intermarriage stats being driven overwhelmingly by white/asian, white/hispanic, and asian/hispanic couplings.
Bob Dylan Roof

The infographic to which I'm referring lists white females with a high school diploma or less as the most likely white female group to date interracially.