Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' and Its Remake

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Spotted in the Shoutbox this trailer for the remake of Carl Sagan's Cosmos: A Personal Voyage .


Carl Sagan had started the original series with these words:

In case you've missed the original 13-part series first published in 1980, in it Sagan presents a history of mostly Western science starting with the early Greeks and culminating in the modern theories of evolution and cosmology. It is replete with imaginary journeys across time and space depicted using special effects and dramatic historical reenactments. But the series is more than just an exposition of science. As the full title might suggest, it is also an expression of an essentially quasi-mystical reverence of the materialist universe, presupposing a particular secular-humanist ethos and loaded with a good deal of Sagan's political advocacy. Here is the first episode of the original series (skip to the 2-min. mark if you wish to skip the foreword):


I am not sure why anyone felt that a remake was needed. While I'm sure the visuals will be improved, I seriously doubt that it could possibly exceed the impact of the original. Even the music presented in the trailer doesn't measure up to the haunting theme in the original Cosmos . And while nasally, Sagan's voice was that of a real scientist, at least deep and sonorous enough to impart a scientific gravitas to the words "billions and billions". Who can take seriously the ebonics-tinged accent of a presenter obviously selected with a view towards "affirmative action"? Why not trot out Morgan Freeman to do the vocals?

Top item at Google news for Neil deGrasse Tyson is about his announcement of this new series at a conference for comics .

SDCC | Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ann Druyan on ‘Cosmos,’ America’s ‘Failure of Nerve’

Yes, this conference is perfect for the announcement, given heavy-lifting Black astrophysicists are about as realistic as comic book superheros.

As I mentioned, the best they can do is improve the visuals. I don't even remember the cardboard dinosaurs, and they hardly detracted from the series. On the other hand, animated sequences are not an improvement over reenactments with actors.

Thomas Young is correct that no manned American spacecraft is going Mars, because it would be massively expensive and America has been ruined by multiculturalism, global economics, and foreign wars. If you want America to go into space then quit promoting multicultural tokens like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Look at this crap.

What a joke.