It's sweet to see American foreign affairs journalists admit what I (and others) have been saying

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I used to get shit on by people telling me that America is fighting a war against Islam and that Russia isn't really all that much of a focus on American foreign policy when the fact of the matter is that since the end of the Cold War, the focus has been on surrounding and neutralizing Russia, the only country that threatens American global hegemony i.e. Full Spectrum Dominance.

It's good to see the foreign policy establishment agreeing :

This takes the form of NATO expansion, the building of bases in non-NATO countries in Russia's periphery and 'near-abroad', the establishment of pliant regimes in these countries, the strangling of Russia by seizing control of the transit routes for its natural wealth, the internal subversion of the state through foreign-backed NGOs, and finally the use of Islamic radicals in the Caucasus (and elsewhere) to keep the regime off balance.

The always great M K Bhadrakumar touches on this last point in this article from earlier today about Saudi Prince Bandar's recent visit to Moscow:

The game is still Full-Spectrum Dominance with the circling and neutralizing of Russia as the strategy and the containment of China as increasingly necessary. For this to work, the Iranian regime needs to be removed.
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Modern Western Discourse............

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Schumer: Putin is ‘school yard bully’

Bob Dylan Roof

Are there still jews in positions of power in Russia?

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Here is what Americans still believe about Russia. They think that Putin is stuck in the Cold War and that Russia is 'moving away from modernization' which is simply code for 'not submitting to the USA'.

Is Putin Stuck in the Cold War Era?

I'm banned from posting there, but this poster gets it.

Now Obama goes on entertainment television and moralizes about the Olympics and gay rights .

The State Department is trying to use homos in Russia in the same manner as Kurds in Iraq. They try to undermine civic hegemony by giving aggrieved groups a bigger megaphone.
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The leader of the West seeks to impose Western values onto others. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Russia has learned what the West 'offers' them thanks to the Yeltsin Experience. This is why they've targeted NGOs, both foreign and domestic, to see where their funding comes from.
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Pepe Escobar gives us an update on Obama vs. Putin...............

Vlad the Hammer vs. Obama the Wimp :

An update on the geopolitical scene overall: