The 59 (and counting) banners) of Salo Forum

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Niccolo and Donkey

Ass-tearion is to be commended. Some of the best are missing though:


And where the fuck is that one I did on the salo meeting in the seventies?


It is beautiful.

Asterion out of curiosity please identify the font that you have used in the majority of banners. That fulsome one for lack of a better term.
  1. 6 minutes ago - [​IMG] Asterion :
    Mike, the font is Cooper Black
  2. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] Asterion :
    It is the font that the mysterious "Sarah" chose for the original banner
I assume the original banner is the one with Mussolini and Woody Allen. I do like the font choice. It seems to fit this forum.

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Niccolo and Donkey

You are correct in your assumption re: Mussolini and Woody Allen.

i like them they are pretty amusing


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That one's iconic. Do you know where the image of the ruined city comes from?
Niccolo and Donkey
I found it on google images searching for post-apocalyptic cities. That was years ago, so I have no idea which specific website it actually came from.