Is pornography a form of prostitution?

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Pornography is a form of prostitution. Its producers and distributors are pimps living off the earnings of prostitutes.

Sheila Jeffreys, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Melbourne, in a Dec. 4, 2002 speech entitled "The International Political Economy of Pornography" at the 30 year celebration seminar of Finnish Council for Equality, stated:

"Pornography is a form of prostitution, i.e. women are paid to have sexual practices carried out on and in their bodies. Even in those countries where brothel prostitution is illegal such as the US, prostitution is legal if it is for pornography. This legal form of prostitution has created a foundation for demand the decriminalisation of other forms of the prostitution industry. In my state of Victoria the porn industry was an important force in legalisation of brothels in 1984 and now the brothels advertise and sell their women at the Sexpos. It is important to understand that porn is prostitution and brothel prostitution is able to become more respectable as the industry develops its strength, and political influence.

Currently there is an international campaign to decriminalise the prostitution industry. Lobbyists financed by the international sex industry and AIDS money work in South Africa, UK, Eastern Europe to create a profitable and legal brothel prostitution industry. Pornography leads the way, softening up attitudes to the sexual exploitation of women, and building the profits and political clout of sex industrialists who sought to diversify their interests into all forms of prostitution."​


I basically agree with Jeffreys on all points, though technically I suppose it's the producing of pornography that involves prostitution; the consuming of pornography is something like hiring a prostitute by proxy. It's all the same sort of thing though. I don't know the reason that pornography makers are able to skirt around the laws against prostitution in the US, but they obviously are able.

I imagine that some time after the homosexual marriage thing and "transgender" rights fronts are finally accomplished, legalized prostitution will be on the table in the USA. Pornographers have money to throw at lobbying and the culture is trending towards permissiveness and away from the traditional family. Obviously this will not be good for many poor women from dysfunctional homes, which will not be rare creatures as the economy continues to stagnate for the working class.

Filming people engaged in coitus and paying them to let you film them isn't prostitution as a matter of law - anymore than paying boxers who sign a contract to fight one another is soliciting battery against another person.

Pornography - actual pornography I mean, not mere nudity and the like - is traditionally prohibited on grounds that its obscene. The issue in America is that obscenity was granted Constitutional protection in the Warren era and subsequent.