Slats Grobnik Is Back Updating His Progress On Building His Roman Coliseum In A Kansas Corn Field

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Calliing it his 'Field of Dreams', Slats can't wait until he drags New World Order leaders into the Coliseum as gladiators. Here is the story about how a simple farmer is making Slats' dream come true.

16 Jan 2007

By Greg Szymanski

The one and only true patriot, Slats Grobnik, finished a glass of his favorite white wine while clicking the tube off after his beloved Chicago Bears Sunday earned a birth in the NFC Championship game next week against the New Orleans Saints.

"This New World Order crap gets on my nerves sometimes. No one has been fighting Vatican corruption and insane Satanists imbedded in our highest religious and political offices more than me, but sometimes its nice to act like things are normal, drink a good glass of wine and watch my Bears win a playoff game for a change," said Slats, taking last Sunday off from his arduous task of rebuilding the Roman Coliseum in his a Kansas cornfield, calling it his own Field of Dreams .

"I'll get to the latest on the Coliseum and, by the way, you are the only news publication covering this historic event. I hope I can finish it before the world blows up. But did you know they put Bush on 60 Minutes after the football game. What a bunch of BS and Americans are still buying it. Wait till he is in my Coliseum fighting for his life as one of the New World Order gladiators putting on a show for the American people! Just wait.

"You know, I used to drink good wine, good white. But now I can't afford it anymore and have to pretend this white wine out of a box, you know the boxes of five liters for $12 bucks, tastes good. I guess it will do. I guess it will have to do.

"I just wanted everybody to know that I am almost finished with the replica Coliseum and it should be ready soon for business, the business of putting the New World Order members in the Vatican and others around the world in the ring as gladiators while the common men fill the seats, watching them fight for their lives. Maybe we will throw a few bears or lions in the ring to eat the bones clean, but I personally can't wait to see Bush and Cheney fight it out and Condi and Hillary matched up for a fight to the death.!"

For people unaware of the legend of Slats, a man famous in the Old Town district of Chicago and especially in Sam's Tavern for his outspoken oratory and freedom-fighting message, he has been targeted by the fascists running this country, having spent a considerable period of time in a Denver Gulag.

After being drugged and abducted by undercover agents from Sam's Tavern for calling Bush a "Satan worshipping freak of nature," Slats was hauled off to the Denver Gulag, which the best of his recollection was located in an underground hole beneath the Denver International Airport.

"I was lucky to get out with my life," recalled Slats, saying he was probably used as a "terst monkey" for the upcoming detention of millions of Americans when "the you know what hits the fan in the next couple of years."

Upon his release, he retreated to his comfortable Chicago home, but then embarked on a Don Quixote type adventure to enlighten Americans about the coming of the New World Order and the eventual destruction of a free America.

An experienced horseman, Slats left in his old Winnebago motor home but was fully prepared to finish the journey on a proud steed if by chance his money ran out due to the high cost of fuel.

His story is most unusual in a place like America, a place where much of the population have become complacent coach potatoes content to wait out the upcoming New World upheaval behind a bag of potato chips and a can of beer.

But despite rampant apathy, five months after he left his Chicago bungalow Slats is still determined to wake up the tired masses even though his latest stop in the Kansas cornfield came as a completely unexpected surprise.

"I was going to set up a loud speaker on my motor home when I stopped in this small Kansas town," recalled Slats. "I was going to speak out about 9/11, the phony war on terror
And much, much more.

"That evening I went into one of those country diners for a bite to eat. When I asked for a glass of wine, the waitress looked at me like I was from a different planet. I settled on a beer and asked if she believed we were under attack by Bin Laden and the Muslims."

"You're damn straight we are, sir," said the waitress, who looked like if I disagreed, she would have dumped a hot pot of coffee on my head.

"What makes you so sure," asked Slats.

"I'm sure just because I'm sure."

"I'll have two eggs over easy. You serve breakfast all night?"

"Yes we do, sir. I'm sure we do."

As the waitress walked away, Slats thought how he was living in another world, thinking how in the world would it ever be possible to discuss anything semi-intelligent with people so brainwashed like the waitress.

So, instead of getting in a huge argument, he decided to eat his eggs in peace, thinking:

"Maybe I'll just go home and watch football. This journey is going to be impossible."

But just before Slats slipped into a complete depression, leading to a heavy night behind the bottle, an old farmer sat next tom him at the counter, saying:

"I heard what you said about the phony war on terror and Bin Laden and I believe you are right," said the farmer.

"You do?" said Slats as his spirits were suddenly lifted.

"Yes, I do. And I also believe the Vatican is behind the whole thing and all of our officials are fronting for the Rome and leading our country to hell."

"I agree."

"So what are you going to do about besides talking?"

Slats thought long and hard about the farmer said and before he could open up his big Chicago mouth, the farmer said:

"Finish your beer and then take a drive with me and tell you what you need to do."

"You're not an agent, are you?" said Slats who was still a little gun shy from his last experience with the Bush thugs at Sam's Tavern.

"No. Why, do I look like one?"

"Ah, I guess not. But what do they look like. Maybe you are undercover."

The farmer laughed, looking Slats straight in the eye.

"You'll know an agent, son, when you see one. Just look into his evil eyes and ask to shake his hand. If his hand is hot as a devil's oven and his eyes cold as ice, you know you rant into to one of them."

So Slats hopped into the farmer's truck and they headed out to his 450 acre dairy farm. As they drove, the farmer began quoting scholars and outlining the New World Order plan of America as if he had inside information.

"How do you know so much? Asked Slats.

"I was a Jesuit priest and left the order after learning the hierarchy and the Jesuit General, Fr. Pete Hans Kolvenbach, are evil devil worshippers. It all slides downhill from Rome, but Americans have been brainwashed. Most of the media won't talk about the story because they are bought and paid off. And, well, the politicians are a lost cause, all sell-outs and traitors."

"So, how can we defeat them?"

"We can't. They will defeat themselves. But I guess in the meantime we can lead them to their demise with a little bit of luck, a little American ingenuity and a few good people."

"How do we do that?"

"They will eventually self-destruct because their lies are catching up to them .We are talking about hundreds of years of lies finally coming to an end.

"As soon as you don't follow them anymore and revolt."

"Like the last American Revolution?"

"Not really. That was based on lies, too. This will be the revolution of the good hearts and minds fighting the evil ones. The battle lines will be clearly drawn and then it is up to good men to get off of their butts and fight back. But, in the meantime, what is your name, by the way?"


"That's a funny name. Where did you get it?"

"It's a Chicago name. Got it in the streets."

"Well, Slats, in the meantime, there is something we can do to fight the New World Order."


"You and me can build the Roman Coliseum, an exact replica, and then when the time is right we can bring Daddy Bush and the rest of the Vatican boys to fight as gladiators in front of the American people. It would be justice served and it sure would draw a crowd."

So that was how Slats got started on his Coliseum project, his Field of Dreams, being built in a Kansas cornfield.

"I am about half finished now and it is taking good shape thanks to the farmer and his bulldozing equipment, his Coliseum building specs and his never-ending will and determination to fight and defeat the Vatican-led New World Order," said Slats, who promised to finish the project and continually check-in with readers on progress being made.

Greg Szymanski

Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcasting Network, from 11:00am to 1:00pm central time, shortwave frequency 12.180. Listen on the internet at: Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at . He also writes for his own site Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews , returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio .