Pope Francis visits Italy's migrant island of Lampedusa

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Pope Francis visits Italy's migrant island of Lampedusa .


Pope Francis threw a wreath of flowers into the sea, in a sign of mourning - before presiding over an open-air Mass, as David Willey reports

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Pope Francis has said Mass for migrants on Italy's tiny island of Lampedusa, condemning the "global indifference" to their plight.
On arrival, he threw a wreath in the sea in memory of the many people who have drowned trying to reach Europe.
A small boat carrying 166 Africans - reportedly Eritreans - arrived at Lampedusa's port just hours before the Pope's plane touched down.
The island is struggling to cope with thousands of illegal migrants.
Lampedusa, about 80 miles (120km) from Tunisia, is one of the nearest gateways to Europe for Africans fleeing poverty and conflict.
Tens of thousands of migrants have made the dangerous crossing in recent years, usually packed into rickety wooden boats exposed to the elements.
As Francis arrived on a coast guard ship, dozens of Lampedusan fishing boats sailed in nearby.
The Pope is on his first pastoral visit outside Rome since his election in March.
"Pope Francis, only you can save us," read a banner on one of the boats.
"You're one of us," said a sign hanging from an apartment near the port.
Some residents threw flowers into the water and chanted "Viva il Papa" as his vessel docked.
Francis, an Argentine Jesuit, met and spoke to a few migrants, then rode in an open-topped car - rather than the Popemobile often used by predecessors - to the site for Mass, near a "boat cemetery" where the hulks of shipwrecked migrant boats lie in the sun.
His altar was a small, painted boat.
Descended from immigrants
The Pope called for a "reawakening of consciences" to counter the "indifference" shown to migrants.
"We have lost a sense of brotherly responsibility," he said, and "have forgotten how to cry" for migrants lost at sea.
He denounced the traffickers who exploited migrants and took great risks with their lives.
Francis, whose own ancestors immigrated to Argentina from Italy, has previously stood in sympathy with impoverished illegal migrants.
Lampedusa's native population of 6,000 is often outnumbered by thousands of migrants in improvised camps around the island.
The UN refugee agency says 8,400 migrants have landed in Italy and Malta in the first six months of the year, almost twice as many as last year, but down on 2011, when tens of thousands fled north Africa during the Arab Spring.
The migrants are normally transported to reception centres on the Italian mainland to be identified and ease the burden on Lampedusa.
Pope trip hailed by rights groups, muslims

08 JULY, 18:55 S
(by Kate Carlisle) (ANSAmed) - ROME, JULY 8 - Amnesty International Italy on Monday praised Pope Francis for choosing Lampedusa, a stepping stone island for immigrants travelling from the North African coast to Italy and Europe, as his first official trip as pontiff.

The humanitarian organization said in a note that it appreciated Pope Francis's choice of a ''place of arrival for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees''.

Amnesty International Italy added it hoped that ''the message coming from such an elevated moral authority can promote respect for the human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers''.

An Islamic centre in northern Italy also thanked Francis Monday for his efforts to reach out to immigrants, including Muslims, who risk their lives at sea to reach Italy.

The message, from Abdel Hamid Shaari, president of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Milan, came as Francis saluted Muslim immigrants during his visit to Lampedusa.

The pope chose Lampedusa, closer to Africa than Italy, as his first trip as pontiff to focus attention on the many asylum seekers who die trying to cross the Mediterranean.

''To the dear, Muslim immigrants who today, this evening, are beginning the fast of Ramadan, with wishes for abundant spiritual fruit,'' Francis said . ''The Church is close to you in the search for a more dignified life for you and your families,'' the pope added.

Shaari said it was ''a good thing'' that the pope spoke in Lampedusa to draw attention to the plight of migrants while at the same time encouraging dialogue between faiths.

''We thank (Francis) and say that we are part of any dialogue and religious encounter,'' said Shaari.

However, the strongly anti-immigrant Northern League's second-in-command said that Pope Francis should help migrants, but ''in their own (home) countries''.

Deputy Secretary Matteo Salvini wrote on his Facebook page that Francis should not encourage the ''globalization of clandestine'' immigration, responding to the pope's call to avoid the ''globalization of indifference''.

Migrants often land in Lampedusa in their attempts to enter Italy because of the island's location between Sicily and North Africa. Thousands of migrants land yearly after making dangerous crossings in often rickety and overcrowded boats.

Many have lost their lives trying to reach the island's shores. ''Many of these brothers have passed through the hands of human traffickers, those that profit from the poverty of others'', Francis said while he was celebrating Mass. ''How much they have suffered and how many have not even made it here''. (ANSAmed).
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