The list so far of records banned by the BBC - plus "justification".

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Jane Birkin - Je T’aime - Maybe it wasn't helped by Serge Gainsbourg singing about the joys of going "entre tes reins" - between your kidneys - i.e. up your bum (alledgedly). On top of the pops an instrumental version by "Sounds Nice" was used - 1969 & 1974
Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax - Sexual references - 1983
The Au Pairs - Come Again - Referred to orgasm - 1981
Lil Louis - French Kiss - "Heavy breathing" - 1989
The New Yorkers - Love For Sale - "Sexual" content - 1930??
Judge Dread - Several records with titles as Big 6, Big 7,Big 8, 10 etc - "Sexual" content - 1972 - 1975
Ivor Biggun - The winker's song (misprint) - Sexually explicit - 1978
Troggs - I Can’t Control Myself - The sound Reg Presley makes at the end of the song was said to be like someone climaxing. - 1966
Rolling Stones - Lets spend the night together - Promoted promiscuity - 1967
Cliff Richard - Honky tonk angel - Self imposed ban as "saint" Cliff didn’t know that a Honky tonk angel was a Hooker! circa ‘72 -’73.
Adam Faith - Made You - Banned for lewdness/Sexual Content Double A-Side with "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" - 1960
The Stranglers - Peaches - Considered "woman baiting" - 1977
Scott Walker - Jackie - Reference to "authentic queers" - 1967
George Michael - I Want Your Sex - banned only before the "watershed" - 1987
Paul McCarney & Wings - Hi Hi Hi - Banned, not due to drug references but to explicit sexual lyrics - 1972
Joe Brown & The Bruvvers' revival of George Formby's "My Little Ukelele" (1963, Piccadilly/Pye) was banned as "too risque"
Max Romeo - Wet Dream - A song about his bedroom ceiling. No the BBC wouldn't buy that - 1969
Donna Summer - Love to love you - Groans & heavy breathing secured the ban - 1976

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I consider the above to be a record of a noble effort, however haphazard, to defend society against premeditated rot. Unfortunately, that effort has been patently futile and arbitrary, appears stuffy and bourgeois , and thus is predictably mocked. If you have an ant infestation in your house, you don't solve it by swatting this or that ant or even every ant you see; you solve it by destroying the nest and killing the queen.

In this case, the nest is a culture of decadence, the ants are the numberless pieces of music that corrupt the youth malice aforethought, and the queen is the Jews who dominate the modern music industry.

Music is a drug. In a properly run society, music can be a profoundly powerful agent that stirs feelings of patriotism, piety, honorable romance to be consummated in marriage and family, and a healthy love of life. In a sick society, music fortifies feelings of nihilism, rebellion against God and morality, indignant impulsiveness and instant gratification.

You can't fight this stuff through sporadic finger-wagging conservatism as seen in the ban list above. The West needs an entirely "new cool". That "new cool" can only be achieved by a cultural revolution in which huge numbers of hostile alien elites and degenerates are shot and dropped into a ditch, and the class of people with artistic talent are reoriented towards a new higher purpose.