Post-War Japan vs the Muslim World, as it Relates to US Occupation (thread split)

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Put yourself in my shoes. On one hand I've got an accomplished and acclaimed WW2 and Soviet historian (foremost in his field with a pile of history books published to his name) stating that the Soviets planned an invasion of Japan, that they could do it, and that the Japanese feared it... vs you with no sources.

It's a subject matter far from our original contention, anyhow. The bottom line is that your comparison between Japan and the Muslim world is off because Japan had reasons to embrace the West that the Muslim world does not. Your comparison is completely antiquated in light of recent history, that American occupation of Muslim countries has not gone as it did in Japan or Germany.

That's right. But again, this is a failure by the occupation and wasn't necessary in Japan or Germany. The US has major military bases with high troop numbers in those countries, and others, because the locals are pro-American. The Korea deal, for example, where the United States military is allowed to maintain multiple large bases, given freedom of movement, and can stand guard against threats within and near to the host country is the ideal... not leaving behind a mess of mercenaries like Academi because its military was evicted in the face of insurgents and an unfriendly regime.

I mean they adhere to Islam more closely; abiding by the five pillars for example. In the surveys and articles I cited for Annunaki, it's stated how later generation Muslims in the West (America, Britain, and France in particular) are going to the mosque, wearing hijab, fasting during Ramadan, etc.
Speaking more broadly, Islamism is growing and more Muslims are voting for Islamist parties, for example. I posted a poll earlier that states the high level of support for Islamic law in several Muslim countries (but not in some others).