Alternet: poor southern whites are ruining the country

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Bob Dylan Roof

Alternet is a cloistered amen corner for sheltered liberals and radical leftists. Consistent with leftwing ideology after the collapse of orthodox Marxism, the site prides itself on publishing a consistent stream of articles denigrating working and lower class whites, because, after all, if anyone is to blame for the woes of America, it's the descendants of white sharecroppers.

Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down? /

Summary: southern states are poor, consume federal resources, and elect Republicans who bust unions.

There is no alternative to poor southern whites' special brand of political ignorance, as should be abundantly clear from the failure of the Obama administration and Democratic party. The author flirts with snarky solutions like Northern secession or moving to Canada, but maybe a better solution is for poor whites to adopt the voting patterns of poor blacks and secure for themselves corrupt, charismatic Democratic leaders that squander what little local wealth they have. I'm sure there are more than a few Irish Jesse Jacksons out there.

It is also a prevailing Alternet conviction that the overt anti-union policies of the Republican party are the only force driving wages down in the south. This, of course, ignores the disastrous bipartisan immigration policy of using slave labor from the third world to drive American wages down.

The author also seems to forget that the south has the highest concentration of blacks in the country when he chides Southern states for consuming too many public resources. This trend is actually increasing because the Northern bastions of liberal prosperity are overwhelmingly white, gentrified localities that are simply too expensive for poor blacks to inhabit.
Team Zissou

I'll trade the North all their poor whites for all our negros.


The article is insightful in an inadvertent way: it lays bare the sort of perceptual pathologies that infect blue-state upper-middle-class Whites and thereby seal the fate of White America. Presented as political analysis, it's really just mythology for SWPLs--people who are affluent and comfortable, isolated from reality and contemptuous of poorer Whites. As Roland has already generally sketched, the article:

- Ignores racial reality generally and particularly the impact of the 85-IQ average of Blacks (aggravated by fedgov's EEOC mandates, don't forget) on the Southern states' economies;

- Blames Southern Whites for leaving the Democratic Party, rather than blaming the Democratic Party for abandoning Southern Whites in their 1960s racial integration frenzy and coercion via civil rights and housing acts;

- Laughably implies that the Democratic Party is concerned about unions and working people, rather than about economic globalism, mass immigration, banker bailouts, and social engineering (when was the last time that unions have taken precedence over things like celebrating diversity, appointing and promoting uppity non-Whites, putting women into combat, confiscating toy guns from boys, marrying gays, and endless similar faggotry);

- Fails to recognize, at any rate, that the entire two-party system, participation in which is subject to intimate, intense scrutiny under the microscope of Jewish-controlled media, is an immense charade that effectively furnishes a veneer of democratic legitimacy and obfuscates the hostile, self-interested elites that own this country and dictate its policies.

The rather few points that the article gets right include these:

- The Civil War was primarily fought over slavery and related regional economic differences, not over "states rights".

- Poor Southern Whites (I would say poorer American Whites generally) are caught up with an unhealthy form of civic "patriotism" which leads them to regard their sons that serve as IED fodder in god-forsaken hellholes as heroes rather than as suckers.

The article hits its nadir here:

It's more than a bit absurd to place Ron Paul in the same category of "crackpots and phonies" with all these system creatures. It's like placing Ralph Nader and Hillary Clinton in the same bin. Sarah Palin was McCain's 2008 final-seconds Hail Mary pass, is not a presidential contender, and doesn't deserve much more mention than that in 2013. The abuse heaped upon her (by analogy with Hitler!) says more about the author's SWPL insecurities and contempt than it says about the millions of ordinary Whites who like her for acting like a normal and decent (though admittedly none-too-bright) woman.

Here's the takeaway as I see it:
Right, the US should break up so that pillow biters can get hitched.