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Bob Dylan Roof

Anthropologist Peter Frost has two excellent posts debunking Stephen J. Gould, one of which discusses the ideas of 19th-century German anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach. Blumenbach, along with some of his contemporaries, apparently believed that the people of the Caucasus were the most beautiful:

Frost notes that this view was not uncommon:

Frost mentions other 19th-century opinions

19th-century French naturalist Georges Cuvier:


Consider in contrast to an ancient Greek perspective recorded by Herodotus:

Niccolo and Donkey
Roland Asterion Bronze Age Pervert Babette Babich anunnaki Fatale ginger Angocachi CLAMOR

One must not forget "The Circassian Beauty".

The Circassian Mystique and its Historical Roots

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Niccolo and Donkey
Taking a page from Lola Montez's book -- Lola Montez, the exotic Spanish dancer from Ireland