Anal hazing is apparently a thing in American high schools now

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Don Johnson
Anal hazing is apparently a thing in American high schools now

The Daily Caller

9:20 AM 06/21/2013

Eric Owens
Education Editor


In the last year, there have been more than a dozen hazing incidents around the country involving high school boys who have sodomized other boys with foreign objects, reports Bloomberg. Over 40 boys have been reported victims. Most have been younger students.

There’s a dearth of data concerning the size and scope of the national boy-on-boy anal hazing problem. Astonishingly, though, a study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence has claimed that nearly 10 percent of high school males report suffering some form of sexual assault including, in some cases, forced oral sex or rape.

Social media plays a big role in the spread of hazing in high schools, asserts Susan Lipkins, a New York psychologist who has studied the phenomenon. High schoolers learn new and more brutal ways to haze thanks to virtual communities.

“Each time a hazing occurs, the perpetrators add their own mark to it by increasing the pain or humiliation,” Lipkins told Bloomberg.

A sampling of recent incidents certainly demonstrates creative cruelty.

Three former soccer players at La Puente High School in the suburban sprawl east of Los Angeles were convicted of sexually assaulting other students with a javelin and a broken flagpole, reports Southern California Public Radio.

A bit farther east, in Fontana, Calif., underage students allegedly tried to place a piece of rebar inside the anal cavity of another student, according to NBC Southern California. There was a similar incident involving a broom handle. Prosecutors say a masonry teacher was present at the time and knew what was happening.

In tiny Greenfield, Iowa, a group of members of the Nodaway Valley High School wrestling team allegedly pinned down a 16-year-old teammate and sexually assaulted him because he had missed practice. An unidentified student told ABC affiliate KCRG that older wrestlers ordinarily forced jump role handles into the anuses of younger wrestlers who missed practice or failed to make weight.

At New York’s fancypants Bronx High School of Science, three members of the track team stand accused of violently sexual abusing at least one younger student, reports CBS New York.

“You need a good fingering, you freshman,” one of the attackers allegedly told the victim at one point.

In the suburbs of Chicago, prosecutors say a group of older soccer players at Maine West High School sodomized several younger players with fingers or sticks, says WLS-TV.

The embattled coach, Michael DiVincenzo, is charged with abetting the hazing abuse.

“He himself threatened players that he would order varsity players to perpetrate acts of violence and hazing upon these young men,” charged a prosecutor in the criminal case against the coach, according to the Niles Herald-Spectator.

Bloomberg covers the horrifying, fascinating details of another case that occurred in 2012 in the tiny ranching town of Norwood, Colorado. Three varsity wrestlers bound a 13-year-old boy with duct tape on a bus — at the state wrestling meet — and sodomized him with a pencil.

The wrestling coach was the father of two of the attackers. The victim’s father was the principal of the school’s single, all-grade public school.

The superintendent gave the assailants a one-day, in-school suspension.

The unnamed principal confronted the wrestling coach. After initially denying the incident, the coach allegedly said, “This happens 1,000 times a day around the U.S.”

Students teased the 13-year-old boy. “What’s been stuck up your butt today?” they would ask.

The townies sided overwhelmingly with the coach and the pencil-wielding attackers.

“I got bullied as a kid because I had long hair and earrings,” a local carpenter told Bloomberg. “I played football, baseball and soccer and the older kids bullied me. But we always shook hands and it would be over with. But today, you can get prosecuted. It has all gone too far.”

“When I was in school there might have been bullying, but there was none of this crap about telling the school,” added the carpenter’s spouse.

The principal eventually had to accept a buyout of his contract and move to another Colorado town.
The wrestling coach is still employed by the school.

The sexual assault craze that is sweeping America’s schools isn’t limited to hazing, or anal violations, or high schools.

Three male students — two third-graders and a fifth-grader — at an elementary school in New York City forced a third-grade boy to perform oral sex on them, according to a disturbing lawsuit. (RELATED: Three grade-school boys allegedly forced third-grader to perform oral sex on them)

The March 2012 incident allegedly occurred in a bathroom at Public School 194 in Harlem. The eight-year-old victim was standing in a hallway when the three assailants dragged the boy into a bathroom stall. His pleas for help went unheard.
Don Johnson

Moral of the story: keep your kids the hell out of the public school system.


Well this is a pleasant thread.

I wonder how much of this abusive fad is racially motivated (which is nearly always ignored when Whites are victims). Here's some info from La Puente CA, 85% "Hispanic"; Fontana CA, 68% "Hispanic"; Greenfield IA, 97% White; Norwood CO, 83% White. Bronx and Harlem and Chicago are also mentioned; these are known to be diverse. It's impossible to know for sure from these scraps of data, but what's suggested is that some of it may be racial, but most of it appears to be sports-related or just general cruelty among adolescents.

That's awful if this number is true. High school in modern times is appearing increasingly to be like a prison sentence; in theory it's for educating productive citizens but in practice it is just pointless hell for teens.
Yes, shake hands over anal rape, no big deal.

The problem with schools and and the diminishing respect for and authority of teachers is partly due to women making up most of the faculty these days, at least here in Sweden. 40-50 years ago, most teachers were male and pupils were better behaved. A combination of too many wimmenz at school and lack of the occasional healthy beating at home (preferably done by a father) has given us teens who think they are untouchable by the law. This is rape, clear and simple. Had this occured outside of school the perps would have served prison time and not "one-day, in-school suspension".

If this were to ever happen to my son, I'll hogtie the perps in the classroom and set the entire school on fire, watching it burn down to the ground with a grin on my face that goes from ear to ear. The upside of being a non-white subhuman is that people expect me to chimp out sooner or later.

Why did they ever do away with corporal punishment