Cop Ambushed, Killed in Kentucky

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According to , Bardstown has a population just under twelve thousand and is 81% White.

The relationship between cops and civilians seems to be changing in the USA and even in Canada. Cops are increasingly militarized as evident in the hunt for the Tsarnaev brothers. There have been at least two recent cases of cops using arguably excessive force in gunning down suspects, one in Texas and one in Ontario. Now there is this story of a cop being gunned down in an ambush in Kentucky. This attack is remarkably bold, and it'll be interesting to discover who perpetrated this and who is threatening more killings.
Randall McMurphy

^Great story. That's why I didn't want to blame MS-13 before the facts arrive. This ambush could well have been locally grown. I still think it's a little unusual for a cop to get killed though.


There are a few possible outcomes to this story. Here they are ranked from worst to best:

MS-13 or some Mexican Cartel: This is certainly likely since they probably control the marijuana crops in the area. This is frightening, depressing and just generally awful. As much as I dislike cops, I prefer their brand of petulant authoritarianism to Mestizo savagery.

Scots-Irish hill people: This is of course much preferable as it shows a revival of white barbarism . Smash the state and its enforcers, return to tribal arrangements and live according to ancient Celtic law.

An Unspeakable Horror: When I posted about 'the hills devouring the metropolis' in the shoutbox the other day I wasn't being literal, but perhaps I should have been. As in the Lovecraft story The Whisperer in Darkness, one might speculate that a race of winged beasts have come to hills of Kentucky because of the precious minerals therein. If you don't think that they can take human form or use guns, think again.

This cop may have been a crooked bastard - or maybe a just plain bastard, and thus, somebody had it out for him and he got dealt with.

Its conceivable that law enforcement would spin a situation like that in conspiratorial terms; i.e. ''terrorists'' are assassinating policemen.

I can't really see anybody, be it hard-hitting sets like MS-13 or politically motivated radicals, killing off police officers as a strategy. There's no percentage in it. It would just inflame public opinion against the perpetrators and bring down massive Federal heat.