Man paralyzed after diving into creek to save girl

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This reminds of that thread created on the Phora once with the dilemma of choosing between saving the life of a puppy or an African child drowning at the same time or something like that...


Black swimming ability & child supervision skills + White hero instinct & misjudging water depth = tragedy

Team Zissou

net tax producer attempts rescue of net tax consumer = 2 net tax consumers


failing to act would cause self-inflicted psychological damage. Sucks that the guy dove in, very selfless of him if he knew better


Sorry to say this, but he acted rashly and unwisely. In any emergency, it's advisable to keep a cool head.


His desire to help his fellow man is commendable, but like Mike said, in an emergency situation you need to keep your cool and as quick as possible assess the situation first before acting. You'd never see for example a firefighter just rush into a burning building without thinking, even if they know people are inside. If you don't know the depth of the water, why would you go in head first even when it's an emergency? You can just as well jump in with your feet first and not risk your neck and it's not as if diving in is going to save you a lot of time. But maybe he stops thinking and just acts when he sees someone in need of help. All in all, that's a good trait in a person, even if it can lead to personal tragedy. Had it been my child I would have wished for someone to try and save her if I was unable to.


When the Viking ancestor spirit of blood and iron is awoken by the construction of one too many mosques someone will need to save you and your NWO spawnlings.


I would have let the kid die, then if reprehended walk away faking a limp like I did with the potatoes' girl . Works every time.