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Bob Dylan Roof
Niccolo and Donkey

I've viewed this from many angles these past few days and here's a quick summary of my initial thoughts:

1. we've known for some time that the NSA has been building huge data storage facilities that are to be top secret
2. we know that Corporate America is in bed with the regime
3. no one really should be shocked that a country bent on hegemony will use any weapon in its arsenal, particularly ones with newer technology
4. privacy is a myth
5. the USA's use of contractors including foreigners and the sheer amount of people with various levels of clearance has surprised me
6. there's going to be pushback and there will be some cosmetic changes, but these are tools that are simply too good not to use
7. the surveillance state is here to stay, but the official reasoning behind it, combating terrorism, is just too weak
8. the real question is what will the regime do with the information it collects? will it hunt down leaks? how will this affect journalism?

These are just some initial thoughts that I still need to fully flesh out.
Randall McMurphy

Until there is a criminal case which uses data directly gleemed from the NSA collection (I assume they have been reverse engineering any useful information for courts), they have probably just been using it internally. Any scandal that made the news (e.g. Mark Foley, Weiner) should be reviewed, and any major political decision (e.g. Justice Roberts flipping on Obamacare) should be looked at.

Bob Dylan Roof
Court finds NSA surveillance unconstitutional. Administration's response: keep the ruling secret and carry on
Randall McMurphy
This might explain Rand Paul's act of political theater re: a lawsuit. It would allow the courts to flesh out the boundaries to protect turf and in kind, allow Rand to make a name for himself with the judicial branch. Your link (a great find) suggests there is a showdown between NSA and the judicial.

Are you at all familiar with the late eccentric MIT Prof, J Orlin Grabbe? In the 1990s he was one of the early adopters of Internet esoteric political publishing and basically outlined the Internet (and made it sexy by tying in contemporary political scandals.) There was so little content back then, just about all dissidents read him, to the point 60 Minutes did a (hit) piece on him. It's hard to say how populist he was going, but anyway, his protagonist were the "5th Columnists" who were dispensing justice to corrupt politicos (it was a good-government version of Anonymous) and he foreshadowed Bitcoin. It was all fantasy (IMO), but as futurist writing goes, its very relevant.
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Not really. Almost every single liberal and conservative news outlet is either down playing it or outright defending it.

What's really kind of scary imo isn't that the american government isn't just spying on their own citizens. They are spying on me, you and just about anybody with an internet connection on earth. The NSA is collecting vast amounts of data, I mean VAST, not petabytes but YOTTABYTES of information, that's 1 trillion terabytes or 10 x 10^24 bytes of info. That is some serious spying. I mean the type of hardware you need is huge. For example wiki

btw didn't nic mention that salo has been getting hit by bots hard the last couple of months? Wouldn't surprise me in the least if salo was on so sort of watchlist by NSA has this site probably sets off their bot "keywords" list filter about a billion times.
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Randall McMurphy


An interesting reversal of the judicial premise, one of those problems that doesn't immediately occur to the brain:

Bank Robbery Suspect Wants NSA records...

The prosecutor is trying to convict on "cell phone records" that pin point location, which is causing a bit of a problem.

Niccolo and Donkey

Glenn Greenwald calls out Dems :