White Student Union

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These kids strike me as geeky, soft, college boys and girls - its kind of silly to take their claims of being vigilantes seriously - its sea stories combined with a dose of typical millennial generation fantasy life.

I speculate that if the local nigger scene where the ''White Student Union'' is were really a problem, a college club of chubby suburban kids wouldn't be spoiling to meet them.

Vigilantism here (greater Chicagoland) was before my time - but I grew up in a town that white flight built. Guys didn't talk a lot about the hot summer race wars of Marquette Park and the like, but I got the impression it was deadly serious and a man's business - whites who aimed to stand their ground went armed and went with bad intentions and they didn't bring the wives and sweethearts along. This of course has precedent many other places too - Dixie, Northern Ireland, South Africa, etc. I can only conclude that Vice Magazine has become extraordinarily cloistered and faggoty - they've reported from conflict zones before and people on their staff should reflect that sensibility. They shouldn't be running scare pieces that might appeal to rich white ladies who watch Oprah.

Fat kid race Trekkies aren't scary or edgy to people who live in the real world.


Yes, this homo pretend vigilantism sabotages even the prospect of socking it to collegefag and diversityfag culture, it's almost as if they are begging for bad publicity. They should have just presented themselves as the weak tea social activists that they are, with an emphasis on Starr-esque "if blacks can have their own scholarships/student unions/entertainment television, then why can't whites??" and ending implied discrimination whereby every other race has a "program" except whites. That is the best they can hope for.