Sodomites Breach Boy Scout Ramparts

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Boy Scouts End Longtime Ban on Openly Gay Youths

Adult sodomites are still prohibited from the leadership, though you have to read a bit before encountering that info in the triumphal NYT link that I have provided. The Judeo-sodomite cultural revolution against our civilization referenced by Biden continues apace.

Niccolo and Donkey

This is the actual and real Domino Theory in effect. Hyperindividualism must play itself out to its logical conclusion.
It seems a bit ironic that hyperindividualists would want to join the Boy Scouts in the first place, given that the Scouts wear uniforms. Perhaps it wouldn't be seemly to suggest that homosexual militants have ulterior motives, though. No, we wouldn't want to do that.

This image conveys the triumphal tenor of the NYT article:

The Fox News article is a little better and gives more of the conservative point of view. Unsurprisingly, the Baptists aren't exactly eager to embrace militant sodomy:
One conservative correctly identifies the "militants".