Biden: Jewish Leaders Drove Gay Marriage Changes

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Is the facade no longer felt to be needed?

Biden's words are so candid that I decided to post this on my personal FB page. Hopefully it sinks in with those who are not altogether lost:

Bob Dylan Roof

East Coast whites like Biden are so insulated from reality that they are likely unaware of how unacceptable such a statement is in a democracy. If 1.8% of the population has the power to direct cultural revolution in a country of over 300 million, then the idea of a public will has essentially been eliminated.

I suppose you can't fault isolated East Coast elites for being unaware of the irony -- after all, the East Coast is saturated with jews.

Niccolo and Donkey
This is a good point and it can be wrapped up in one word: elitism.

I don't know who runs the Guardian, but this article, consisting of a series of strawmen, fits the pattern of how Jews have very successfully managed to shape and frame the debate over the last couple of decades. It is really staggering how intense and constant the Jewish barrage of pro-homosexual propaganda has become in the last couple years.


Reading the comments of the Guardian article -- lots of moderation, lots of typical Leftist sniffing. My favorite illogical argument in support of sodomite-marriage is the argument of Inevitable Progress. Trad-marriage defenders are told that sodomite-marriage is akin to other victories of the March of Progress, that it will ultimately prove to be uncontroversial, and that opposing it now is going to look silly in the years to come. Sure, just like abortion ultimately proved to be uncontroversial.


Unsure as to what the problem with backdoorsmen and the like getting married is.

The sacrament of marriage was utterly debased by heterosexuals well before the gays started wanting in on it. The vast majority of heterosexuals treat marriage as essentially disposable, or something you do to keep a partner, or an economic choice, anyway.

There's far bigger ills afoot in society than poofters/lezzos etc wanting to get married for mine.


"What's the big deal?" "It's inevitable anyway." "There are bigger problems." These are caustic talking points.

It's not good for society to allow sodomite militants and their Jewish patrons in the controlled media to decide what a marriage is or isn't for all sorts of reasons. It's not good for society to treat resentful aggression against normals as a fight for a legitimate civil right. The fact that society has been reduced to holding this debate in the first place is absolutely preposterous.

There may have been bigger problems for marriage (e.g. no-fault divorce), but this is the one that has become entirely unavoidable in mainstream culture & headlines in the last couple years.


The goy persecutes you as he praises.

Bronze Age Pervert

O'Zebedee suports this...


I guess this means that Israel will be the first country in the Middle East to have gay marriage...