This Is What Winning Looks Like

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Niccolo and Donkey
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Is there a torrent for this anywhere? I can't dl the vids using my mozilla plugin since it only gives me segments of each part which is annoying.
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The OP movie is great. In a way, I feel bad for US Marine officer Steuber. He truly wants to do some good for the Afghan people, but he's been assigned a goal (i.e. nation-building) that is not only totally futile, but frankly rather pointless and absurd. I wish just a few of these well-meaning guys suiting up and deploying to these Third World dust bowls were sharp enough to draw the proper conclusions from their experience and recognize the effect that multiculturalism will ultimately have on their own country. Nice guys doing ZOG's work rarely seem willing to put 2 and 2 together however.


Here's the 2007 film No End in Sight by Charles H. Ferguson about the grossly mismanaged occupation of Iraq following the 2003 invasion. It features many high-profile interviews, including Lawrence Wilkerson, Barbara Bodine and Richard Armitage. It's worth watching if you haven't already seen it.


Afghan Taliban battle police in central Kabul

US-backed regime forces can barely hold the capital, never mind the countryside.


Bob Dylan Roof

I enjoyed the film. Best quote came from the police chief when he was being interrogated by the marine about pederasty and child murder:

I meant to ask a question of those who watched this movie. Given that the following history

- (1990) Glaspie gives Hussein tacit approval for the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait (this point is controversial, but it seems doubtful to me that Hussein would have been so foolish without being misled)

- (1991) US & allies cripple Iraq's infrastructure & military

- (1991) Bush Sr. encourages an uprising in southern Iraq but provides no backing

- (1991-2003) US & allies imposes trade sanctions which impedes the reconstruction of vital infrastructure and results in 100k to 500k deaths of children; Clinton launches occasional airstrikes during this time

- (2003) Bush Jr.'s unprovoked invasion of Iraq and ensuing occupation:

- Rumsfeld fails to provide adequate security except at oil ministry; martial law is not declared; rioting and looting immediately spiral out of control

- Ba'athist party members categorically fired and blacklisted

- Iraqi military, which could have been used to stabilize the country, instead disbanded, which immediately results in unemployment of millions of men

- Failure to secure Iraqi ammo depots allows arming of various militias

- As a result of deba'athification, army disbanding, and poor security, a major insurgency against the occupation and sectarian civil war erupts and continues to its logical conclusion (large scale ethnic cleansing)

- Violence continues to this day. This has all been hugely expensive for the USA.

The question I have is simple: was USA policy in Iraq driven primarily by incompetence or malice?

In other words, given this history, do you see evidence of a design on the part of the USA to utterly destroy Iraq permanently as a threat to Israel, or are USA neocons simply the most incompetent imperial occupiers in the history of the world?
Niccolo and Donkey

That's a debate that we've been having here since the start of the forum with Iraq just one part of the overall theme that includes the Arab Spring, Afghanistan, etc.

Iraq and Libya have split up into parts and Syria is going that way as well. I believe this is intentional. It's balkanization.