US Embassy diplomat arrested by Russian FSB, accused of being CIA undercover

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President Camacho

Yet another embarressment for the defense/intelligence apparatus of Yankee Judea... was this guy related to JARED FOGLE?


The usual shitbags on Western payrolls weigh in:
I thought Putin got rid of these shit-sacks?
President Camacho

Currently both CNN & MSNBC's homepages have Angela Jolie's double masectomy as it's feature story; FOX News has a boilerplate troll story against Obama front and center. Good stuff.

Niccolo and Donkey
President Camacho

Putin is moving against these shitbags by getting them to submit their finances first and then will shut them down. He's giving them the rope to hang themselves as part of this new law against foreign-sponsored NGOs.