Prussianism in modern Germany

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It's impossible that a force so strong as the Prussian Spirit was thoroughly obliterated after the crushing defeat of the Axis powers in WWII. Thomas has already commented in "that other forum" about the Prussian traditions that survived in the DDR army. What are the other remaining traces of Prussianism in today's Germanu? Camacho mentioned austere policies, education, and the Mittelstand. Please comment.

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This is easy; a strong respect for authority and state institutions from the federal level down to that of the most local. Germans in my experience come across as system loyalists provided that the system in place is an orderly one.

The old truism about Germans is that you will never see them jaywalk. They will wait for the pedestrian signal to cross even if no cars are around. They have a respect for their state officials, whether a customs officer or a school principal. Even the anarchists that I encountered in the old East Berlin in 1993 seemed to display a certain order in how they arranged their squats and how they conducted themselves.

This isn't to suggest that Germans are some kind of automatons, they're not. But you can definitely set your watch to them. It's a strongly ingrained cultural trait that translates into their loyalty to an orderly state.

Mind you, Germany is very much a cowed state due to 1945 so the notion of a Prussian Militarism existing today is very, very difficult to uncover. Maybe it has moved into their technological and mechanical innovation since this is a forum in which Germany is allowed to compete in these days.

Added to the above is the support for the welfare state, albeit one not as vast as Denmark's or Norway's, which saw its birth in Prussia and which differentiates Germany from both the USA and the UK (even if the UK has introduced a significant welfare state itself) as it symbolizes a rejection of the Anglo-American capitalist model. Kaiser Wilhelm openly spoke of his antipathy towards such an economic model as capitalism.

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I had a severe female "Prussian" instructor in school. She was very sensitive about the perception that she exhibited some of the more stereotypical Prussian virtues , such as punctuality and industriousness. She nevertheless came off as a "Nazi" to many of my Ameritard classmates, because she was humorless, punctual, disciplined, etc.

Are any female teachers allowed to show humour?