How much do you know about TERROR?

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I missed 3 questions about who is and isn't on the US terror list;
the IRA (not Fatah) was never on the US terror list, that Fatah was taken of the US terror list in 1988 (not 2001), that North Korea (not Cuba) is not on the US terror list.
... but not the one about Kahane being unique as the only Jewish group on the US terror list.

I didn't know the name of FARC's most famous hostage.

Because I haven't memorized the US terror list and don't know much about FARC, 21/25.

Almost the exact same for me. Mixed up Zawahiri and Zaraqawi.
Cadavre Exquis
These two and three others: AQ/ USS Cole , MEK and the 2008 Mumbai attacks question.