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This is a translated excerpt from The Chronicles of Brother Pavle Silobadovic, a Croatian Franciscan Priest who accompanied raiding parties and sometimes soldiers in battle during their forays across the Venetian-Ottoman border from 1662-1686, covering the periods of the Cretan War (1645-1669) , the first two years of the Morean War (1684-1699) and the 13 years between these two wars.

The area covered in these journals stretches from Livno in the north to the Neretva River in the south, encompassing the Dalmatian Highlands and Western Hercegovina.

Here is a random page translated by myself (where only in the last entry does the Christian side lose any men):

February 16, 1664 - Jalibeg's Turkish troop returns to Makarska with 30 men where they seize one old lady.

February 19, 1664 - Harambasha (Commander of a Band or unit) Pavo Vukelic brings 4 Turks, two of which from Imotski are beheaded. Everyone is healthy and safe, thank God.

February 21, 1664 - Hajduks (Christian brigands/highwaymen) in Podgora argue amongst themselves and kill each other. Petar Vasiljevic, Ivan Koljucija from Grabovica, and one more soldier are killed. They were drunk.

March 9, 1664 - Harambashas Jurisa Lekic and Mate Kojkalo with only 90 heroes (the author often uses the term 'heroes' in place of men, sometimes even using it for the Turkish side) bring back from Rakitno 70 head of cattle, 20 horses, 14 Turkish prisoners, 3 Turkish heads (I'll use 'heads' as a short-form for decapitated heads), five rescued Christians. All returned are safe and healthy, thank God.

March 11, 1664 - Harambasha Mate Baricic with only 26 heroes brings back from Busko Blato 5 Turkish prisoners, 2 Turkish heads, and 3 rescued Christians. All returned are safe and healthy, thank God.

March 22, 1664 - Harambashas Pavo Vukelic and Jurisa Lekic with 230 heroes move towards the town of Ljubuski and surround the Turks in the field, killing 7 and capturing 8 with only two wounded on our side, thank God.

April 16, 1664 - A Turkish troop of 460 men advance towards Makarska but are easily rebuffed by the locals with the Turks failing to capture a single individual.

April 28, 1664 - Turks from Gabela attack Farski Skolj (near Makarska) and capture 12 men but celebrate too soon as our men catch up to them and free the prisoners while on Peljesac three Turks from Mehmetbeg Alibegovic's troop are captured and 20 more become lost for four days until found. Thanks be to God that all our men are safe.

April 28, 1664 - Harambasha Mate Baricic with only 12 heroes brings back from a raid on Imotski 4 horse-groomers, 8 horses, 10 heads of cattle. Everyone is safe and healthy, thank God.

May 6, 1664 - Marko Vodanovic with only 5 men brings back 10 horses from just below Imotski, everyone is safe.

May 24, 1664 - 5 Turkish horsemen arrive in Makarska but luckily our men quiet them and capture them and their horses without a single gun being fired. All our men are safe, thank God.

May 31, 1664 - A troop of 130 of our men go to Zadvarje but first pass it by before going directly towards it and seize Blace in Radoblje, taking 230 fowl, 20 horses, 20 heads of cattle, and everyone is safe except for Harambasha Grgur Buseljic who is bitten by a poisonous snake and barely survives.

July 6, 1664 - Our army of 800 marches towards Imotski to plunder the town and set it ablaze. Around 2,000 fowl are taken, 200 heads of cattle and horses, 3 Turkish prisoners, 8 Turkish heads, 100 houses are set on fire and three of our men are wounded with the rest safe and healthy, thank God.

July 12, 1664 - Our army attacks Kameno Brdo and captures many Turks but all for naught as the Turks from Gabela arrive and catch up to our men killing 3 of them, all from Omis. Everyone else is safe. The Turks suffer no casualties.

Waiting with baited breath for all of it.

Niccolo and Donkey

Here's an excerpt, I think I translated more elsewhere in this forum.
Niccolo and Donkey