The Long March Away from the Institutions

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Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, outlined a program to achieve political hegemony that came to be termed the “long march through the institutions.” Our goal is to embark upon a secession from the institutions.
  • We abandon their schools for our home-schools, unschooling, or perhaps our own schools based on voluntary attendance one day.
  • We abandon their corporate workplace for our self-employment in trades and services along with our own guilds for larger-scaled operations, machine manufacturing for example.
  • We abandon their entertainment and news media, via TV, radio, and print, for our own entertainment and news media. We already do this well with online magazines and some printed material, but we can make better use of podcasts and video sharing websites in the short-term with an eye toward full-length features in the long term.
  • Our enemies have already infected seminaries and an overwhelming percentage of the thousands of Protestant denominations. Ecumenism and interfaith dialogs have diluted religious faith to the point where few churches can be expected to stand for anything timeless and to varying degrees will fall to the new religion of Cultural Marxism. These compromises on the part of the clergy are necessary because the nobility no longer exists. Historically the nobles were the defenders of the faith; with them gone the church must rely on the money powers if they so much as want running water and electricity, never mind actual parishioners.
  • We must discard their arts, promoted by culture wreckers, and replace them with our sculpture, painting, dance, music, poetry, literature, and architecture, which will be noted for their beauty and power to inspire.
  • We will ignore, to the greatest extent possible, their courts, and honor our judges instead.
  • We will ignore, to the greatest extent possible, their laws, and obey Natural Law and the customs of our people as defined by our clergy.
  • As our ability to do so improves, we will depend on our own nobility to enforce our laws and customs.
  • Finally, we will unchain ourselves from our enemy by gradually phasing out the use of their currency for our own currency, the flow of which will be managed by our nobility. Currency is often overlooked as an institution but, in fact, it is probably the most important of the institutions. If the nation is a body, the units of currency are the blood cells that flow through the economy, or the circulatory system of that body. This institution was already captured by the enemy by the time Gramsci and the other Frankfurt School Marxists began having their way with our people and the West overall, making their jobs much easier. Earlier than that, this institution was already under the control of the Third Estate as they engineered the Enlightenment and began systematically dethroning decadent monarchs that had fallen into debt with their currency and, more importantly, obliterating the focus on Spirit in exchange for the Material .
Without secession from the enemy’s currency we are lost. With this power back in our hands, and placed back in its rightful place as subservient to the Spirit, all things are possible.


Naive. In a different situation this could work, but the ruling class will not allow anyone to secede from their domain, they can't, it threatens their wealth, their prestige, and their narcissistic view of themselves as the saviors of mankind from all that is old, natural, and bad. The only solution is to fight them for the power machinery that currently exists and then crush them as a subculture as soon as they are out of formal political office. Partial secession might be possible as a step in that direction but it is impossible that they will let us go fully. Remember: in the end they are parasitic and need us to live, and at some level they know this.

Bob Dylan Roof

Own the means of production of public opinion and you own the nation.