Hourglass Capitalism - Alain de Benoist on our current economic state

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But my good man, orientation of the First World since the 70s (or even earlier) on the "services" vs. production naturally invigorates the banking cartel: since 2010 around 50% of all non-farm business profits received in the US are generated via financial services.

Basically the United States of America have turned from a global industrial capital into a global bank. The situation is similar in Europe, with European nation-banks being smaller in comparison to America and departure from production being less evident in some countries (i.e. in Germany services make up not 80% of economy but around 70%). So why be surprised that banks are run by bankers?

Neoliberal reforms in Europe, specifically Thatcherite ones, are connected to destruction of British trade unions and British working class in general and consequent repetition of the same model universally. He's spot on in his analysis, that neoliberal ideology feeds the "trickle down" theoreticians, global capital proponents, as well as basically the whole republican party in the States and a swarm of other transnational capitalism supporters throughout the world whose generic motto is "business first", as if money is an end in itself.