Amina Tyler's Femen supporters declare Topless Jihad Day

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after death-by-stoning threats for topless pics

The Tunisian activist, 19, posted 2 topless pictures online and received death threats. ‘Long live the topless jihad against infidels! Our tits are deadlier than your stones!’ says the Femen group.


Countless women have posted photos on the Femen Facebook page in solidarity of Amina.

Feminists of the world, throw down your chemises! In support of the Tunisian activist Amina Tyler, who received death-by-stoning threats for posting two topless pictures online, feminist protesters have declared April 4, Topless Jihad Day — and called on women to bare their breasts as a show of solidarity.
Femen, a Ukraine-based protest group, has already united thousands of women for Anima, the 19-year-old Tunisian activist.

Amina Tyler, who posted photos of herself to a Tunisian Femen Facebook page, was a target of conservative outrage.

"This day will mark the beginning of a new, genuine Arab Spring, after which true freedom, freedom without mullahs and caliphs, will come to Tunisia," Femen said.
"Long live the topless jihad against infidels! Our tits are deadlier than your stones!"
The jihad is intended to further the group's indictment of "misogyny — Islamic or otherwise" that Amina catapulted to international attention with a topless picture of herself, with "F--k your morals" sprawled boldly across her torso.


"My body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone's honor," reads the message on Amina's chest.

A second image shows Amina reading a book and holding a cigarette with a message in Arabic: "My body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone's honor." Amina's protest outraged more conservative pockets of Tunisian society. Tunisian newspaper Assabah News quoted Almi Adel, who heads the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, as saying that Amina should die for taking the photos. "The young lady should be punished according to sharia, with 80 to 100 lashes, but (because of) the severity of the act she has committed, she deserves be stoned to death," he said.

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