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Don Johnson
'My job stinks': The diver who has to swim through sewers to unblock the drains of Mexico City

  • Julio Cu Camara, 52, is the city's chief diver, maintaining 7,500 miles of pipes
  • He wears an airtight suit and helmet weighing about 90lb to protect himself

Julio Cu Camara's day job is dirty work. The 52-year-old spends his working days submerged in the murky liquid of Mexico City's sewers, clearing blockages and carrying out repairs by hand.

For 30 years, Cu Camara has made an average of four dives a month, staying below the surface for about 30 minutes to six hours at a time.

He wears an airtight suit and helmet that weigh about 90lb in total to protect him from the human, chemical and animal waste and its overpowering stench.


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