Pope's Moral Exhbitionism Annoys Me

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Bronze Age Pervert

This is an extension of a post I made in the pictures thread...I thought I'd elaborate...

This stuff about taking the bus, living in a simple apt., is called moral exhibitionism. The truth is that as a cardinal he should have focused on his duties instead of showcasing himself as someone who takes public transportation and cooks his own meals; life is short and the duties of a cardinal should weigh more than wasting all this time to show off that he's simple and one of the pepos ...if he had been a truly virtuous and simple man you wouldn't even know about his simplicity. Instead he makes a show of it, like a Pharisee.

I read a Jacques Barzun anecdote about how some judge, I think an Extreme Court judge, was interviewed and showed off about how he cooks breakfast for his family. Barzun pointed out that it's not about how some people are better than others and therefore shouldn't sully themselves with menial tasks, but life is short, and that judge should have probably focused on his actual duties and mission, or on learning more, rather than showing off this heartwarming tale about cooking for his family.

It's like Romney being praised at the convention by his dumb wife about how he does the laundry. But people don't want Mr. Rogers for prez and I assume people don't want one for the Pope.

It seems that this Pope, while cardinal, took this attitude to an extreme. The public transportation system in Buenos Aires is stupid and there are long delays; going to wait in line at the grocery store and cook for himself, etc. ...how long did all these tasks take? What's wrong with using a servant and instead spending that time studying theology or scripture or philosophy or evangelizing or learning other languages (which this Pope apparently doesn't know). Yes, it's to make a show for the masses of idiots that "I'm one of the pepo" and to advertise himself. Not a good sign.

St. Francis of Assisi was a mendicant and monk, not a priest...

Even if I'm wrong about this particular guy's motivations (but how? --a real Christian might have even gone out of his way to give an impression of pomp and luxury, but actually to be simple in secret; to suffer for his virtue in private instead of advertising it), his attitude annoys the hell out of me, and is a big direct practical reason for Western decline and stupidity. People are afraid to use the labor of others in their day to day lives, advertise their "independence," the sons of the rich want immediately to go to work, and the entire culture suffers and is nonexistent because no one devotes time to higher culture, which depends on slavery.

Bob Dylan Roof

I agree with everything in your post except for this. People respond positively to the "I'm just a humble, regular person" theatrics. This is why, for example, Bush Jr. purchased a ranch in Texas solely for the duration of his tenure in office. This is why people love hearing about Obama managing his playlist on his ifaggot touch on the fairway while getting briefed by a 19-year-old jewish ivy league humanities intern on the wisdom of invading Libya.
President Camacho
Yes, it's the old media trope about how people want a prez "they can sit down and have a beer with." I would say that this is a particularly Western and especially an American conceit though, it doesn't apply to all people around the world.

As Mark Ames pointed out,

This definitely goes both ways, the same people (and the actual underclasses) chafe under social schemes that blatantly advertise the higher status of others. It'd be considered an atrocity to demand that lower level workers address higher ups as Sir. It's the same old anti-social insecure equality gibberish, and yes, it's not Christian at all, which is about absolute spiritual equality, not social or material equality.


Bronze Age Pervert -- I had some of the same thoughts before even reading your post. It did strike me as a little much to attempt to showcase "humility" by referring to it at all; rather antithetical. However, I suport the new Pope, and of course he doesn't control the stories about himself in the MSM.
Depends on what you mean by ''real Christian''.

Catholicism is in an odd place historically, because its a product of the Western Medieval mind and this its full of emblematic severity, pomp, and theologically derived elitism. On the other hand, its strongest constituencies are in the New World and the colored world - among peoples who are instinctively, and in many places radically, socialistic in their thinking.

The Pope, thanks to media and money driven liberal democracy, is a Politician who has to abide a 24 hr news cycle - so he does a PR minuet by which he is both the Emperor of Christiandom and simultaneously a ''man of the people''.

The Protestant view generally would be that each man has a natural function in the social order and that its his ''calling'' to pursue excellence in that field for the common good while disdaining superfluous luxuries. Nixon was a Quaker - he acted like one in office and out of office. He didn't want to be famous, he didn't care about women or vices, he didn't accept any money for public speaking before or after his Presidency. He had a notion that he was Elected to lead America. This is actually very transparent - people like this generally are what they appear to be.

Catholicism has always, in contrast, had to obfuscate the nature of its leaders to abide political currents - this isn't a slam on Catholics, its just a historical reality.
I've often thought of this as being very similar to the monarchist ideal where the sovereign is supposed to embody the spirit of the people and the nation. W. Bush was sold as a well meaning, "aww shucks" simpleton who sometimes messed up his words, very similar to the sitcom embodiment of the average American male at the time: a lazy buffoon who just wants to munch pretzels and watch the game. Obama is perfect for the Millennials: an effeminate narcissist enamored with social media.

It's a display of weakness. Everyone who has read the Bible knows that Jesus said it's easy to get into heaven if you are poor. Now, what would be badass would be to make it to heaven while being one of the richest mofos alive. The new pope lacks ambition, drive, and assertiveness.