"Around Lapps ... never relax!"

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"With the Finn ... one cannot win."


In May a Finnish youngster killed two young people and wounded several others in Hyvin Kaeae near Hellsinki. Acting in a racially Finnish fashion, the killer climbed on a rooftop and murdered a young man and a young girl, mortally wounded a police woman, and crippled several young people with shots at their hands and feet. The murderer is a typical Finn, for whom murdering innocent bystanders is a way of relieving himself.

[...] Previously, there have been appeals on several Finnish web fora to “vote from the rooftops”, i.e. to shoot indiscriminately at people, as a political protest. We don’t quite know what they are protesting. Probably they are just unhappy with the fact that indiscriminate murder is against all odds prohibited even by Finnish laws, which they certainly find oppressive, knowing the racial instincts of Finns.


You keep telling me that I am exaggerating, but how does this feel? A Finnish car dealer calling himself Rik Melartin is facing charges for sexual molestation of a minor in Bellaire, Texas (part of the Greater Houston metropolitan area). Who is Rik Melartin? He was known in the area as an all-American gunslinger who, confronted with an armed robber, undauntedly pulled his own firearm and chased down the criminal. No wonder he became a local hero, especially in Texas. What could be more quintessentially Texan than a man like this? NeoCornelio What would be a more obvious way to win the hearts and minds of Texans? What would be a more potent way to demonstrate that you have managed to become one of the Texans? This man was the very incarnation of Texan virtues. And then – he turned out to be a common molester of young girls.

This is what Finns are. They can impress you as much as you want, being acknowledged heroes of war and sports. But theirs is the heroism of Eastern killer peoples riding the wide steppes and stopping only to massacre and rape the people of a settlement. Behind all that heroism they still clutch their poisoned poockaw.