Bug Report Thread

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For the past day or so, videos have not been displaying for me when using Google Chrome; neither in the Shoutbox nor in poasts.

With Internet Explorer, all is fine.

Those are the two browsers I have.

Vuk reported problems, too.

That is all.

Broseph Vuk


Same here with Chrome, both here and on the Beer Barrel -- intermittently for the last 2-3 weeks or so. Clearing cookies and cache generally seems to resolve the issue, but only temporarily.

I am inclined to think it is not a XenForo specific problem, as I've also experienced some similar issues viewing images and vids while using Chrome as a browser on the Phora and also on a few other vBulletin forums.

Apocales -- don't know if you still occasionally use Chrome these days, but if so, have you noticed this?


Google is always trying to find ways to prevent scraping/hotlinking of its content. I haven't seen this problem yet personally, but I'll keep an eye out/read up on it.

I fucking knew it.


I've experienced the exact same issue in Chrome.