Which Greek Island would you buy and what would you do with it?

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Niccolo and Donkey
Delos , so that I may restore this statue to its former glory:


Crete. I would immediately cede it to Turkish sovereignty and thus initiate that apocalyptic final race war into which America-Jewry, Babel, the Arabs, the Tats, and All the Russias will inevitably be drawn and there annihilated.

Bob Dylan Roof

Agree with Asterion that Delos would be the best. Second would be Santorini, which sits directly on top of a massive volcano.

Team Zissou

Greece is a failing state.


^Yep. That's why it is the right moment to invest there.

An island full of beautiful mediterranean young women would really please me. A lebensborn for myself.

Stars Down To Earth

Delos, the former sacred isle. Easily one of the more fascinating places in Greece.

Or maybe Mykonos, the favourite destination of gay tourists, which would (of course) be wiped of all life and then re-populated by BAP and his Hyperborean-Hellenic eugenic offspring, thus restoring it to Classical glory.