Coup is Building Against John De Nugent

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Racial Greetings, comrade. I have taken the liberty of alerting the Solutrean S.S. and that Eritrean-Egyptian man fron Oakland with an Anglo-Saxon surname and no shoes other than gardening boots.


Racial Greetings!

I met Derek on Stormfront. I let him post on my blog. He is determined to be Fuhrer of the Northwest Republic. He says the only thing standing in his way is John De Nugent. John De Nugent's charisma has enamored most White racialists. There needs to be a purge in the leaderships of WN's before a true fuhrer can arise.

Thomas777 calls them phonebooth fuhrers but i don't agree. nuge is a reincarnation of Hitler. the last avatar who will usher in the golden age. before the golden age arrives there needs to be many more camps, purges and coups. That's what the world needs right now, camps, purges and coups.