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The quest for Hyperborea is a quest for the spirit! Our terrestrial paradise is beyond the northern wind!

My foremost objective is the reestablishment of the Hyperborean Tradition through the comprehensive examination and esoteric interpretations of the mythology and spirituality of our ancient forefathers, the celestial boreal race that emanate from the primordial seat of the Olympian civilization of the Satya Yuga. My intention is to reawaken the children of the Hesiodic Iron Age, resurrect the Arctic Hyperborean blood-memory that resides in us all, and to bestow accessible esoteric knowledge for our spiritual evolution.

The Northern Atlantic Cycle

Original Article:
Taken from Julius Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World (Rivolta contro il mondo moderno), Ch 25 describes the great migration of the Hyperborean race after the fall of their primordial Arctic homeland .

As far as the migration of the Northern primordial race is concerned, it is necessary to distinguish two great waves, the first moving from north to south, the second from west to east. Groups of Hyperboreans carrying the same spirit, the same blood, and the same body of symbols, signs, and languages first reached North America and the northern regions of the Eurasian continent. Supposedly, tens of thousands of years later a second great migratory wave ventured as far as Central America, reaching a land situated in the Atlantic region that is now lost, thereby establishing a new center modeled after the polar regions. This land may have been that Atlantis described by Plato and Diodorus; the migration and the reestablishment of a center help to explain the transpositions of names, symbols, and topographies that I have discussed in reference to the first two ages. In regard to this, it is fitting to talk about a Northern-Atlantic people and civilization.

From this Atlantic seat the races of the second cycle spread to the American (hence the previously mentioned memories of the Nahuatlans, Toltecs, and Aztecs concerning their original homeland), European, and African continents. Most likely these races reached the borders of western Europe in the early Paleolithic. These races supposedly corresponded to, among others, the Tuatha de" Danaan, the divine stock that came to Ireland from Avalon and who were led by Ogma Grian-aineach, the hero with a "sunny countenance," whose counterpart is the white and solar Quetzalcoatl, who came with his companions to America from the "Land situated beyond the Waters."

Anthropologically speaking, these races correspond to Cro-Magnon man, who made his appearance toward the end of the glacial age in the western part of Europe (especially in the area of the French Cantabric civilization of Abri La Madeleine, Gourdain, and Altamira); Cro-Magnon man was clearly superior, both culturally and biologically, to the aboriginal Mousterian man of the Ice Age, so much so that somebody recently nicknamed the Cro-Magnon "the Greeks of the Paleolithic." As far as their origin is concerned, the similarity between their civilization and the civilization of the Hyperborean, which is found even in the vestiges of the people of the Far North (civilization of the reindeer), is very significant. Among other prehistoric traces of the same cycle are those found on the Baltic and Frisian-Saxon shores; in the Doggerland, in a region that has partly disappeared — the legendary Vineta — a center of this civilization was eventually established. Besides Spain, other migratory waves landed on West African shores; later on, between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic and probably in conjunction with races of direct Northern descent, other people moved through the continents from northwest to southeast toward Asia, into the area many believe to be the cradle of the Indo-European race, and then further on, ah the way to China; other waves followed the North African shoreline all the way to Egypt or went by sea from the Balearic Islands to Sardinia and to the prehistoric sites in the Aegean Sea. More particularly, in Europe and in the Near East, the origin of the megalithic civilization of the dolmen and the so-called battle-axe people, which remains as enigmatic as that of Cro-Magnon, is very similar. This migration occurred in separate waves, through fluxes and refluxes, interbreeding, and conflicts with aboriginal or already mixed races. Thus, from north to south and from west to east, through diffusion, adaptation, or domination there arose civilizations that originally shared, to a certain degree, the same matrix, and often strains of the same spiritual legacy found in the conquering elites. Encounters with inferior races, which were enslaved to the chthonic cult of demons and mixed with the animal nature, generated memories of struggles that were eventually expressed in mythologized forms that always underline the contrast between a bright, divine type (an element of Northern origins) and a dark, demonic type. Through the institution of traditional societies by the conquering races a hierarchy was established that carried a spiritual, ethnic, and racial value; in India, in Iran, in Egypt, and even in Peru we find rather evident traces of this in the institution of the caste system.

I have said that originally the Atlantic center was supposed to reproduce the "polar" function of the Hyperborean seat and that this second center occasioned frequent confusion in traditions and in memories. This confusion should not prevent us from detecting in a later period, yet still falling within remote prehistory, a transformation of civilization and spirituality and a differentiation leading from the first to the second era (from the Golden Age to the Silver Age) that eventually prepared the way for the third era, the Bronze Age or Titanic Age; this age should be characterized as the "Age of Atlantis," considering that the Hellenic tradition regarded Atlas as related to the Titans by virtue of being Prometheus's brother.

Anthropologically speaking, we must consider a first major group that became differentiated through idio-variation, or variation without mixing: this group was mainly composed of the migratory waves of a more immediate Arctic derivation and it made its last appearance in the various strains of the pure Aryan race. A second large group became differentiated through miscegenation with the aboriginal South-em races, with proto-Mongoloid and Negroid races, and with other races that probably represented the degenerated residues of the inhabitants of a second prehistoric continent, now lost, which was located in the South, and which some designated as Lemuria. The second group includes the red-skinned race of the last inhabitants of Atlantis (according to Plato's mythical account, those who forfeited their pristine "divine " nature because of repeated unions with the human race); these people should be regarded as the original ethnic stock of several newer civilizations established by the migratory waves from west to east (the red race of Cretan-Aegeans, Eteicretes, Pelasgians, Lycians, Egyptians, Kefti, etc.), and of the American civilizations. These latter people in their myths remembered the country of origin of their ancestors who had come from the divine Atlantic land "situated on the great waters/' The name Phoenicians means "the Red Ones," and most likely it is another memory of the first Atlantic navigators of the Neolithic Mediterranean.
Two components must be considered both from an anthropological and from a spiritual point of view (the Northern and the Atlantic components) in the vast material concerning traditions and institutions found in this second cycle. The first component is immediately related to the Light of the North, and it retained for the most part the original Uranian and "polar" orientation; the second component reveals the transformation that occurred as a result of the contacts established with the Southern populations. Before considering the meaning of such a transformation, which constitutes the first alteration or, so to speak, the inner counterpart of the loss of the polar residence, it is necessary to emphasize another point.

Almost every people retains the memory of a catastrophe that ended the previous cycle of mankind. The myth of the Flood is the most frequent form employed to describe this memory; it is shared by many people: from the Persians and Mexicans to the Mayas, from the Chaldeans and Greeks to the Hindus and to the people who inhabited the Atlantic-African coastline, to the Celts and to the Scandinavian people. Moreover, its original content is a historical event; according to the tale of Plato and Diodorus it essentially represented the end of an Atlantic land. The center of the Atlantic civilization, to which its colonies were subordinated for a long time, sank into the sea in an era that by far predates the time that according to Hindu tradition, inaugurated the Dark Age; according to some traces of chronology built into the myth, this is what indeed happened. The historical memory of that center gradually disappeared in the civilizations that derived from it but in which elements of the ancient heritage were retained in the blood of the dominating castes, the roots of various languages, and also in social institutions, signs, rituals, and hierograms. In the Hebrew tradition, the theme of the tower of Babel, with the ensuing punishment represented by the "confusion of the various languages" (Gen. 11:7), may refer to the period in which the unitary tradition was lost and the various forms of civilization were dissociated from their common origin and could no longer understand each other after the catastrophe of die Flood ended the cycle of Atlantic mankind. The historical memory was often preserved in myth, that is, in metahistory. The West, in which Atlantis was located during its original cycle (when it reproduced and perpetuated the much older "polar" function), very often represented a nostalgic reference point for the fallen ones. By virtue of a transposition onto a different plane, the waters that submerged the Atlantic land were called "waters of death," which the following postdiluvian generations, consisting entirely of mortal beings, must cross through initiation in order to be reintegrated with the divine state of the "dead," namely, with the lost race. On this basis, the well-known figurations of the "Island of the Dead" could be understood in a similar sense as transformations of the memory of the sunken insular continent. The mystery of paradise and of places of immortality in general was reconnected with the mystery of the West (and in some instances, of the North too), and thus it formed a body of traditional teachings the same way the theme of "Those Who Are Rescued from the Waters" and of "Those Who Do Not Drown In the Waters" shifted from the real, historical sense (that referred to the elites who escaped the catastrophe and went on to establish new traditional centers) to a symbolic meaning and appeared in the legends of prophets, heroes, and initiates. Generally speaking, the symbols proper to that primordial race surface again in enigmatic ways until relatively recent times, wherever traditional conquering kings and dynasties made their appearance.

Original Article: http://hyperborealisaeterna.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/hyperborea-paradesha/
“Hyperborea is not located within the physical earth, as known today. In Tibetan cosmology our universe is one among many. The whole "is like an onion," as they say, and universes are separated from each other like layers, going from surface to surface.” -Miguel Serrano
The First Hyperborea was beyond space and time, existing as a terrestrial but immaterial homeland. It originated within the transcendent, independent from and lying beyond the limits of ordinary subjective experience. The First Hyperborea was infinite, boundless in measure and was not restricted by the circles of reincarnation. The Hyperboreans were one with Vril, the divine Green Ray and the light of the Black Sun.

As Serrano describes:

“But the real Hyperborea, the First, cannot be circumscribed within earthly geographic areas. The Pre-Classic Greeks would have known this when they gave it that name. Hyperborea means "beyond Boreas." Boreas is a God, son of the Titan Astreo and the Goddess Aurora. Which is to say he is hyper-Boreas, something beyond that God. Boreas is also a wind, the Boreal or north wind. The Demiurge is in fact a respiration, a pneuma, a pleroma. Hyperborea means beyond the Demiurge, beyond his Breathing. Therefore there would exist a Second Hyperborea built in the image of the First by the divyas who came to battle in the Universe of the Demiurge. This is the Polar Hyperborea that was visible in the Satya Yuga.”

The Hyperboreans came “from other stars, from Venus, the Star of Morning”, arriving on Earth to establish the new primordial center of the world. The White Gods were beyond time, belonging to another age. The new Hyperborea was outside the conventional understanding of being. This was the beginning of the Satya Yuga or Golden Age. This primordial paradise was located on the northern continent, reflecting the perfect and original state of the Hyperboreans. The worldly Hyperborea was a perfect Utopian civilization, with a warm climate that was free death, disease, famine and war. The White Gods were asexual and reproduced by non-physical means through spiritual plasmic projections, living in a perpetual higher consciousness through the 3rd Eye. They harnessed the sacred Vril, the Green Ray, as the Black Sun flowed through their sacred blood.

However, the Hyperboreans now inhabited a realm ruled by the Demiurge, the inferior entity that controls the material universe and natural law, whose first creations of mimicking human life resulted in the Neanderthal Man, primate-humans, and other grotesque abominations. The White Gods were now under the dominion of the demiurgical realm, entrapped in the repeating cycle of Samsara as their immortality would be sacrificed. They would be subject to the Way of the Ancestors and reincarnate on the Earth indefinitely. The Hyperboreans found this absolutely unacceptable and rebelled against the cosmic regime of the Demiurge, choosing the Way of the Gods, the self-liberating act of reincarnation and giving them the choice of returning to the earth as Bodhisattvas.

A great war then erupted between the Hyperboreans against the carnal forces of the Demiurge. As the guardians of Vril, the Hyperboreans harnessed this energy and used it against their Demiurge enemies. This war resulted in the earthly creation of Hyperborea in the North Pole, “taking the form of a physical, circular continent from which the Hyperboreans began to organize the spiritualization of the Earth.” The Hyperboreans fought courageously and victory was near, until a group of the White Gods spiritually transgressed and mixed their divine Olympian blood with the women of the Demiurge. The primordial miscegenation between Gods and Man has been documented in countless sacred texts, including Genesis 6:4: “The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when God's sons came in to men's daughters. They bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” Their purity of blood was lost.

The subsequent fall of Hyperborea transpired when reproduction degenerated into the physical act with the other races of the Earth, thus ending the Golden Age. A cataclysmic polar shift occurred during the fall of Hyperborea that reversed the two poles, with the original Hyperborean homeland now becoming the South Pole. The ideal homeland of the Golden Age was destroyed, it’s memories covered in ice and subjected to the uninhabitable arctic climate. The Hyperboreans were defeated by the forces of the Demiurge, being forced to leave their homeland and migrate to the southern continents of the world. They founded a new center of the world called Agharta, the hidden Subterranean Empire located in the deepest interior of the Himalayas and is ruled by the King of the World. As image-bearers of Hyperborea, they brought with them their spirituality, culture and technologies to every region and culture on Earth, beginning with Asia Minor and Ancient Egypt. The Hyperboreans attempted to remake their lost homeland in every region of the world, building pyramids, creating civilizations, anointing divine kings, and bestowing their knowledge to the enlightened Brahmin castes.

After the burning of the Library of Alexandria, the last texts and documents regarding the origins of the Hyperborean race were lost forever. Our knowledge of “The Land of the North” can only be discovered through subjective experience, myths and sacred legends, ancient philosophical works, holy texts, and interpreting the works of various mystics and occult figures.
Original Article, mainly focused towards my female audience:

Stadhagaldr or Runic Yoga is an active meditation that encompasses various Hyperborean runic postures and gestures. The intent of these exercises is to allow total identification with the Futhark runes that will reawaken the ancestral blood memory and improve the physical fitness and overall health of our people. With correct posturing and form, the individual will become a receptacle of Vril, receiving and transmitting the light from the Black Sun through the eternal Green Ray. During a particular runic posture, we should visualize and actually feel ourselves becoming embodied and completely united with the runes.

All of the Stadhagaldr postures have transcendental importance, such as the Ur rune that closely resembles the “Downward-Facing Dog” that provides a healing and calming effect on the individual, giving us strength and the ability to harness Vril energy. Perhaps the most fulfilling posture is the Algiz (life rune) pose that should be practiced in an outdoor environment, with your body facing towards the sun and allowing the radiating solar energy to renew and purify your spirit. One should learn the correct pronunciations of each letter and chant them during the practice, similar to the word “Aum” used by religions of the Orient. Allow the names of the runes to vibrate throughout your entire body, losing complete awareness of your surroundings. The same deep and controlled breathing techniques used in Vedic Yoga should be implemented in Stadhagaldr. Try practicing these different postures until you become proficient with the basics and attempt to hold them for as long as possible.
Aside from a rewarding meditation practice, Stadhagaldr can also improve your balance, poise and flexibility. Stadhagaldr should be practiced primarily by women and can be easily implemented into your current exercise routine. Modern Vedic Yoga should be avoided, since it is devoid of any higher spiritual value and has degenerated into another “new-age”, nihilistic fitness fad. Modern Yoga is completely ignorant of the higher meanings in religion and spirituality, all forms of asceticism or spiritual discipline, and is another symptom of the Kali Yuga that embraces the “cult of the self”, sheer narcissism and pervasive materialism.

The original form of Yoga was originally bestowed to us by the ancient Hyperborean race during their journey to Asia. Yoga was later preserved for thousands of years by the ruling Aryan-Brahmin caste of India. Due to the Christianization and loss of folk traditions in Europe, Stadhagaldr is no longer as systemically profound as traditional Vedic Yoga. However, different forms of Stadhagaldr are still practiced as a folk custom in Iceland and parts of Scandinavia.
"Dropa: Race of White Giants" Original article: http://hyperborealisaeterna.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/the-dropa-the-race-of-white-giants/


“Thus the Land of the North, where the Second Hyperborea is located, coming to be submerged, surrounded, being hidden within the different "layers and surfaces of an onion," as the other continents, as numerous as those layers, have hardened and covered it. It is the Inner Earth, the Hollow Earth. A great catastrophe has made it disappear.”
–Miguel Serrano

The Dropa are an ancient Hyperborean race that founded the Chinese and Tibetan civilizations during the great migration east after the flood of Uttara-Kuru, “The Northern Continent”. They are symbolized by the Leftwards Swastika and are the founders of “The Rooftop of the World” in the Himalayas. The Dropa are the esteemed gatekeepers of Agharta, the Subterranean Empire of the world located in the deepest interior of the Himalayas. Dwelling within Agharta, the Dropa live under the one true King of the World, resurfacing throughout specific epochs to enlighten mankind as the image-bearers of the one true King.
During their great migration, Dropas bestowed the Runic book of the I Ching and shared their divine Arctic-Hyperborean wisdom to the inhabitants of modern-day Tibet, preserving the leftwards Hyperborean Swastika in a heroic attempt to return to the original Hyperborea. Entrusted to them by the Dropa, the Tibetans were the sole guardians of the Hyperborean Tradition for many thousands of years. However, through the ensuing ages the primordial wisdom of the I Ching and Hyperborean Tradition had been lost due to Chinese misinterpretation and manipulation.
Serrano states:
“The I Ching as we know it is totally corrupted by moralist interpretations, first of Confucius and then the Lutheran Wilhelm, its first translator into German. Manipulated for millennia, the authentic grandeur and magic of this sacred book is revealed when it remains effective before the vîra who approaches it with reverence and sincerity, despite every adulteration. Though it would be arduous essential work to reconnect the I Ching with its legendary Runic ancestor, such as to be able to release the layers of superstition that cover it.”
Similar to all traditions bestowed by the ancient White Gods, all beliefs eventually deviate from their original symbolism and meanings over time. This phenomenon corresponds with the shifting from one age to another and the gradual separation of ourselves from the primordial Hyperborean Tradition, replacing it with the decadent materialism and lies of the Demiurge. Serrano believes that all traces of Hyperborea on the earth’s exterior have been destroyed during the Kali Yuga and the only remnants of the “North Wind” can be found through the Tankas and Mandalas of Tibet “where the continents are connected by ether. By the ether of the Soul.”
Similar to the Dropas, the Hyperborean deities traveled across the earth establishing great civilizations through the use of aerial chariots. The Ramayana describes the fire chariots called Vimanas emerging from Agharta that “arrived shining, a wonderful divine car that sped through the air”. Many traditions speak of deities arriving in these aerial chariots such as the “White God” Quetzalcoatl, the prophet and founder of the Aztec, Mayan and Mesoamerican civilizations. Quetzalcoatl was named the “Feathered Serpent", “feathered” because he arrived through the air and “serpent” symbolizing his divine wisdom, the "All-in-All". He was the god of the morning star with his twin brother Xolotl being the evening star. Quetzalcoatl was described as being fair-skinned and having blonde hair that was “of comely appearance and serious disposition. His countenance was white, and he wore a beard. His manner of dress consisted of a long, flowing robe.” (Ixtlilxochitl: 45). Other Hyperborean deities that re-materialized on earth were Osiris, Hermes, Iris, Ravana, the Anunnaki, and many others that I will discuss in detail at a later time.
The first evidence of the Hyperborean race in Asia were the “Dropa Stones” that were discovered inside a cave in the Himalayan Mountains near the Chinese-Tibetan border. The Dropa stones are a series of 716 circular stone discs that are covered with hieroglyph patterns. They are around 30 cm in diameter, carry two grooves and have a hole in its center in the form of a double spiral. They are one of the few remnants of the ancient Hyperborean written language.
The most defining evidence of the Hyperborean connection with Tibet and China are the discoveries of over 500 Indo-European mummies found in the Tarim Basin in present-day Xinjiang, China. The mummies are of Nordic origin with elongated bodies, angular faces, recessed eyes, and many of them with their hair physically intact, ranging color from blond to red to deep brown. Many were also extraordinarily tall for that time period, ranging from 6' 6" (198 cm) or taller. The findings of the Tarim mummies reaffirms the Hyperborean-Dropa connection with ancient Chinese literature that describe their deities and legendary figures as having “great height, deep-set blue or green eyes, long noses, full beards, and red or blond hair”.

Until we meet again...​

Stadhagaldr should be a replacement for contemporary, meaningless-fad Yoga. Most women practice Yoga, but men can do it as well I suppose. Women in Nazi Germany practiced a systematic form of Stadhagaldr.

Also, the majority of my followers and people that "like" my articles are 20-something, cosmopolitan girls.
"Hyperborean Meditaiton I" Original article: ​
The objective of my previous articles about asceticism was to recognize that there cannot be an internal spiritual life without first purifying our external life and physical body. One cannot reach spiritual enlightenment if they have not first overcome the pleasures of the flesh. Your body is a temple, treat it like one! There can be no inward journey without an exterior foundation to support it. Even the slightest ascetic efforts will put you leagues above the contemporary individual that embraces shallow, spiritually empty “new-age” beliefs that are completely ignorant of such practices. Spiritual enlightenment derives from an austere and disciplined lifestyle, and are the essential pillars of authentic spirituality. I cannot overstate this enough.
Now, the first meditation that we will practice is a very basic visualization meditation.
The symbol we will meditate on is the Schwarze Sonne or “The Black Sun”. The Schwarze Sonne is an ancient Hyperborean solar symbol that was adopted by the Frankish Merovingian dynasty in the 5th Century. The Schwarze Sonne incorporates the sun wheel, the swastika and the stylized Sig rune all in the same symbol. The Schwarze Sonne has had ritualized significance for all those that adopted it, using it to turn man into “Sonnenmensch” or sun-Man, a man that will soon reclaim his or her Godhood.

Unceasingly meditating on the Schwarze Sonne will lead to the complete identification of the symbol that will lead to a subjective realization of what the Schwarze Sonne truly represents. This exercise will not be simply limited to calming our untamed minds or controlling our restless thoughts, but will illuminate our inner being and grant us the knowledge of the Hyperborean Black Sun, whose true meanings have been lost since the fall of the first Hyperborea.
Ideally, we should meditate in a cell or a small closet-like area that will inhibit any distractions. One must approach meditation with the correct mindset as well. The individual should view meditation as a doorway, an opportunity to reestablish oneself with those of “the most high”. Our goal is a direct experience with the divine. It may be difficult to concentrate at first, but even the most short-lived meditations are appreciated by the White Gods and contribute to our spiritual enlightenment.
One may meditate seated or laying down, but it is imperative that you maintain a straight spine at all moments. Extravagant or challenging poses are not necessary, simply make yourself comfortable. Sit down “Indian style”, with your legs interlocked in a comfortable position and simply rest your hands on your thighs. Perhaps lie down, but do not fall asleep. Listening to ritualized or ambient music can also enhance your practice. Tibetan and Vedic chants, Lustmord’s “Hersey” album, and various other dark ambient albums are highly recommended.
Now, with both eyes closed, gently lift your gaze towards the center of your forehead, slightly above the junction of the eyebrows. Many traditions refer to this as the “Third Eye”, while others call it the pineal gland, ajna, crown chakra, or brow. Your attention will be solely focused in this area throughout the duration of the meditation.
Now, visualize a black Schwarze Sonne and concentrate on its center, without being as focused on how many arms (12 Sig Runes) there are around it. The Schwarze Sonne is actually GREEN in color, representing the non-existent and pure Vril energy, the life Force that fills the universe and crosses through the black sun towards our original homeland of Hyperborea.
Always be mindful of your breath. Inhale easily through your nose and exhale with a closed mouth. With each breath you take, visualize the Schwarze Sonne gradually becoming more illuminated in green light. Your breath makes the symbol become more powerful as it radiates above you, filling your body with the energy of the Green Ray. Your exhalations do not reduce its illuminating power, but preserves it until the very next inhale.
After you start feeling yourself go into a trance, visualize the Schwarze Sonne slowly turning counter-clock wise, in a perfectly fluid and natural motion. The arms never turn against each other, they always turn away from one another in a fluid-like motion. Similarly, the right-faced swastika always turns counter-clock wise, while the left-facing swastika always turns clockwise.
Completely direct your mind towards this symbol and concentrate on it entirely. Do not let your thoughts of the day and concerns in life affect you. Focus only on the Black Sun. The moment a thought enters your mind, quickly recognize and disperse it.
Remain this way for as long as you feel comfortable. “Breathless states” may occur and can be quite frightening, since it closely resembles the death state.
As Miguel Serrano instructs us:
"If you let yourself go, if you do not rebel on this threshold of death, you will be resurrected… But first you will have to die, to let yourself drop into death, in this loss of physical consciousness to awake with another consciousness in your astral body. It is like passing from the golden sun to the black sun, through this mystical death into another light, perhaps of a green colour, in the Green Thunderbolt.”
Other phenomena might be experienced as well, possibly demonic in origin that originates from the forces of the Demiurge.
Novices should meditate no longer than 15-25 minutes to start. As you progress, start going as long as possible. I will be practicing this alongside you. Feel free to comment or contact me regarding any questions you may have. My next article will focus on the symbolism and history of the Schwarze Sonne.
Until we meet again...
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Julius Evola on the Dark Age

This is an excerpt from one of the best introductory texts on tradition and modern esotericism, "Revolt Against the Modern World" by Julius Evola. The original text is from the ancient Visnu Purana, foretelling the fate of mankind, particularly the men and women of the 20th and 21st century, and beyond.
Alongside Guenon's "The Crisis of the Modern World" and Miguel Serrano's "Nos: Book of the Resurrection", the writings of Evola (pronounced "Ev-ela, not Evo-la) provide a solid foundation for all seekers of truth, showing us how to transcend the decadent materialism and rampant nihilism of our age. Speaking of Serrano, Nos: Book of the Resurrection is one of the most difficult books to locate and has been out of print for quite awhile. Used copies go for over $700 and there are't any known copies on the internet. I am currently in the process of converting Nos into a PDF e-book so his works can be accessed easily by my readers. It is a crime that his works may never be seen by those worthy few. For my future articles, I will be focusing more on spiritual practices, mainly on sacred Hyperborean symbolism and practical methods of mediation that we can implement in our daily lives.

Julius Evola on the Dark Age (From Revolt Against the Modern World)
Outcastes and barbarians will be masters of the banks of the Indus, Darvika, the Chandrabhaga and Kashmir. These will all be contemporary rulers [of this age] reigning over the earth: kings [rulers] of violent temper..... They will seize upon the property of their subjects; they will be of limited power and will for the most part rapidly rise and fall; their lives will be short, their desires insatiable, and they will display but little piety. The people of various countries intermingling with them will follow their example..... The prevailing caste will be the Shudra ..... Vaisyas will abandon agriculture and commerce and gain a livelihood by servitude or the exercise of mechanical arts [proletarization and industrialization] ..... Kshyatrias instead of protecting will plunder their subjects: and under the pretext of levying customs will rob merchants of their property [crisis of capitalism and of private property; socialization, nationalization, and communism] ..... Wealth [inner] and piety [following one's dharma] will decrease day by day until the whole world will be wholly depraved. Then property alone will confer rank [the quantity of dollars - economic classes]; wealth [material] will be the only source of devotion; passion will be the sole bond of union between the sexes ; falsehood will be the only means of success in litigation..... Earth will be venerated but for its mineral treasures [unscrupulous exploitation of the soil, demise of the cult of the earth]..... Brahmanical clothes will constitute a Brahman..... weakness will be the cause of dependence [cowardice, death of fides and honor in the modern political forms] ..... simple ablution [devoid of the power of the true rite] will be purification [can there really be anything more in the alleged salvation procured in the Christian sacraments?]..... In the Kali age men corrupted by unbelievers... will say: "Of what authority are the Vedas? What are gods or Brahmans?....." Observance of caste, order and institutes [traditional] will not prevail in the Kali age. Marriages in this age will not be conformable to the ritual , nor will the rules which connect the preceptor and his disciple be in force..... A regenerated man will be initiated in any way whatever [democracy applied to the spiritual plain] and such acts of penance as may be performed will be unattended by any results [this refers to a "humanistic" and conformist religion]..... all orders of life will be common alike to all persons..... He who gives away much money will be the master of men and family descent will no longer be a title of supremacy [the end of traditional nobility, advent of bourgeoisie, plutocracy] ..... Men will fix their desires upon riches, even though dishonestly acquired..... Men of all degrees will conceit themselves to be equal with Brahmans [the prevarication and presumption of the intellectuals and modern culture]..... The people will be almost always in dread of dearth and apprehensive of scarcity; and will hence ever be watching the appearances of the sky [the meaning of the religious and superstitious residues typical of modern masses] ..... The women will pay no attention to the commands of their husbands or parents..... They will be selfish, abject and slatternly; they will be scolds and liars; they will be indecent and immoral in their conduct and will ever attach themselves to dissolute men ..... Men having deviated into heresy, iniquity will flourish, and the duration of life will therefore decrease.
Nevertheless, in the Visnu Parana there are also references to elements of the primordial or "Manu's" race that have been preserved in this Dark Age in order to be the seed of new generations ; what appears again is the well-known idea of a new and final epiphany "from above":
When the practices taught by the Vedas and the institutes of law shall nearly have ceased, and the close of the Kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that devine being who exists of his own spiritual nature in the character of Brahma, and who is the beginning and the end, and who comprehends all things, shall descend upon the earth..... He will then reestablish righteousness upon earth; and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be pellucid as crystal. The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be the seeds of [new] human beings, and shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the Krita age, or age of purity [primordial age].
In the same text and chapter it is said that the stock from which this divine principal will be born lives in the village of Shambhala; Shambhala - as I previously suggested - refers to the metaphysics of the "center" and the "pole," to the Hyperborean mystery and the forces of primordial tradition.

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It might surprise you that my first article is about asceticism, but there is a significant purpose to this: There can be no esotericism without exotericism . There can be no internal without an external. Your body is a temple with the spirit residing within. The mind, body, and spirit must all be pure.

The Übermensch of the future, the true descendants of the Olympian-Hyperborean race will not only be pure in spirit, but also pure in mind and body. The mind must incessantly advance towards knowledge, concurrently guarding itself at all times from the destructive influences of our age. A heightened awareness of these forces will demonstrate that the solitary purpose of the Demiurge is to impede our ascent to the northern wind, making our spirit descend into the darkened abyss and trapping us in the endless cycle of samsara.

Our minds are bombarded by external stimuli daily: The words that we read, the sounds that we hear, and the emotions that we feel. The masses of humanity are highly susceptible to the social conditioning of the Demiurge, the cultural engineers of our age that proliferate materialism, atheism, economics, and widespread nihilism. However, our ancient Hyperborean forefathers taught us that through asceticism and spiritual discipline, we can restore our divine blood-memory by purifying ourselves inwardly.

One must meditate daily. The room should be darkened, silent, and in a comfortable setting. Ideally, one should meditate in a cell or a small closet-like area that will eliminate any distractions from the outside world. Calm, ambient or ritualistic music is highly recommended.
Meditation allows us to communicate and become one with the Olympian white gods of the north. Beginners should devote at least 30 minutes to an hour a day, mainly focusing on stilling their untamed mind and meditating on the eventual death of their physical bodies. The advanced visualizations of the Hyperborean symbols of power will be integral to your spiritual practices. I will be writing extensively about Hyperborean spiritual practices in the future, including the hidden symbols that we will use.

Celibacy is the intentional, self-denial of sex that acts as a purifying force against the untamed mind. Deriving from the two Proto-Indo-European stems, *kaiwelo- "alone" and *lib(h)s- "living", celibacy inspires metaphysical sovereignty and Kshatriya-warrior like discipline in all aspects of life. The original Hyperboreans were asexual and reproduced by non-physical means that allowed them to harness Vril and live in a world of perpetual higher consciousness. The eventual fall of Hyperborea occurred when reproduction degenerated into the physical act, resulting in the intermixing of their divine Olympian blood with the people of the earth. This event ended the Golden Age, reversed the two poles, and resulted in the mass migration of the Hyperborean people across the world.

The most powerful weapon of the Demiurge is sex. Sex can bring life or can bring death. For men especially, an overindulgence of sex, engaging in the self-harming act of masturbation, and exposure to pornography (that is demonic in nature) can dim and extinguish the radiant green light of the Black Sun that once shined brightly inside him. Seminal loss in men can result in a draining, succubus-like state, similar to the spiritual "dark night of the soul" that brings depression, fatigue, inability to concentrate, memory loss, passivity and cowardice, irritability, lowered testosterone and sex drive, and other detrimental side effects to the indiviudal.

The individual of the Olympian-Hyperborean spirit seeks all things above and does not fornicate with those beneath him in spirit! Promiscuous sex and the bestial, primate-level act of masturbation are the two most carnal forms of sex. Both are entirely bound to the lower frequencies of man, lacking any transcendental or higher spiritual qualities. However, an individual that is married or in a fulfilling relationship should comprehend the higher, transcendent meanings of sex and demonstrate self-control and moderation. The highest form of love is non-physical, when the man and woman become one through spiritual enlightenment, as was practiced by the ancient Hyperboreans. However, modern couples may practice the Olympian form of ritualized, transcendent sex that forgoes the male orgasm and does not sacrifice his essence. Further details of this will be posted in the near future.
I now leave you with this...

"And while the ultimate test of this initiation was taking place in that ancient night, with a man and a woman lying naked side by side, separated by a sword, without taking possession of each other's physical body, she explained to him in her musical voice full of longing for eternity: 'The light doesn't come from the east. Light is only truly light in the depths of midnight. Now is the depths of midnight. The followers of Lucifer, of the Morning Star, do not beg to be allowed into heaven. They demand to be, because they feel that they have done everything possible to merit being deified. At the end of our road, no fusion with a God or redeemer awaits us. Our way is not the way of ecstasy of the saints but the way of separation of the magicians, of the White Gods who have become absorbed into the sources of creative energy. Creating worlds, loving each other inside and outside eternity. We do not beg, like the lunar troubadour: "Take us back to where you took us from!" We are going to try and change God, giving him a face. Therefore, my love, do not take possession of my body. Let us not create children of the flesh. I will make you pregnant with the son of death. And we will both remain virgins.' [...]"
- Nos: Book of the Resurrection, Miguel Serrano
(Part II will focus on fasting, diet, fitness and health.)

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In my previous article concerning asceticism, I focused on the two most integral aspects of our spiritual journey, meditation and celibacy. One may have access to countless esoteric texts, comprehend advanced metaphysical theories and be born into a noble spirit, but if the body is impure and is a slave to the carnal passions of life, his or her soul will only descend towards the abyss and will never attain the highest of spiritual peaks.

The most difficult ascetic feat is celibacy and sexual abstinence, with most individuals being unable to restrain themselves for even a week. Our sexual energies must be transformed upwards, transcending only beyond and not misused or wasted in the fleeting sexual gratifications that are confined to the lowest frequencies of mankind. Those of the Brahmin/Priest spirit should refrain from all sexual contact, unless they are married or in a fulfilling relationship similar to a marriage. Those of the Kshatriya/ Warrior spirit should practice moderation and prolonged periods of abstinence with their lovers. Their female partners must understand the importance of preserving the sacred male essence, especially the depleting nature of the sexual act for the male that leaves them in a weakened state for several days after. There are countless benefits in all forms of abstinence. Abstinence greatly enhances our meditation practices, allows us to formulate brilliant ideas, create new inventions and beautiful pieces of art, improves our lucid dreaming and most importantly, purifies our inner being. The White Gods reward all efforts in asceticism, even if we are first unsuccessful in them. However, the most important point is making the effort, always striving for a higher meaning of existence.

Now I will focus on the other important areas of asceticism:


One cannot progress in his inward journey by being overexposed to modern society and its inhabitants. Unless the individual is of a high, warrior-like spiritual discipline, the ultimate end of oversocialization and overexposure to modernity is our complete absorption into the chaotic spirit of the age. One must guard his mind at all times. If one is indifferent about what he is exposed to, even the smallest of poisonous influences may alter your unconscious mind.
Detachment from the stimuli of human interactions will have profound benefits in your life. Solitude can take many forms: From meditating alone in your room, exploring and experiencing nature, or simply avoiding public areas for a while. Personally speaking, I spend most of the week limiting my exposure to others, such as crowded areas and unpleasant company. However, like all things in life, moderation should be used and I do occasionally interact with others in a public setting, such as meeting with like-minded friends to discuss spiritual or philosophical issues, going to art shows, attending musical concerts, and doing research at my local coffee and tea-house. If your career prevents you from avoiding others, embrace a detached and stoic state of mind, never allowing others to affect your spirit through "psychic vampirism" and their draining-like influences.


Fasting is willingly abstaining from all food and drink, signifying inner discipline and devotion.Fasting will improve your meditation, clear your mind, and rejuvenate your soul if practiced with a positive attitude. Individuals should practice fasting once a week, preferably on Sundays and gradually progress for a longer duration. Brahmins may fast according to their experience and current state of health. Those who identify themselves with the warrior caste should only abstain from certain foods and drinks, since long-term fasting will obstruct your martial training, energy levels and physical strength.


Brahmins should have a vegetarian diet; since the consumption of meat absorbs the negative energies of the animals you consume and will transform your body into a “temple of death”, a cemetery of sacrificed animals. Kshatriyas may eat meat in moderation for muscle mass and strength, although there are many high-protein vegetarian substitutes, such as Whey Protein . Processed and fast-foods should be avoided, while simple and healthy meals should be encouraged. Artificial and genetically modified foods should be avoided at all costs. Those of the merchant and peasant castes may eat what they please, since this article does not concern them.

Drug Use and Alcohol

The use of drugs does not allow the individual to transcend space and time and is not a viable means of spirituality, since it confines the individual to the physical realm and nothing beyond that. Many followers of various left-hand path circles are completely ignorant of this fact, mistakenly viewing their false “spiritual” experiences as an authentic spiritual state. An authentic spiritual experience can only come from within and not from an external substance. The same goes with alcohol. Alcohol can result in lucid thinking, opening up hidden areas of your mind, but should be abstained from or used in moderation. Although drinking alcohol is a part of the various European cultures, alcoholism is a major problem for our people. Smoking should also be avoided, as it affects your prana, your “life breath” and inhibits your capabilities of harnessing Vril.


Always be mindful of your words. The vast majority of conversations are trivial in nature that misuse our gift of speech. Speech is a distorted reflection of your inner spirit, since the meaning of words and language are severely limited to the terrestrial world and there are many things that cannot be spoken of. One should focus on avoiding harsh language, gossiping about others, using contemporary speech patterns, and words of cowardice. Sentences should be well thought out before speaking and saying absolutely nothing is generally the best option. Vows of silence and selective communication are both worthy ascetic practices.

Exercise: Weightlifting and Runic Yoga

Many "occultists" only focus on their interior life, while neglecting their physical bodies that result in grotesque obesity, health problems and a weak disposition. One’s outer appearance is an indicator of one’s inner spirit. Men should exercise at least 3-4 days a week, focusing mainly on strength, endurance and agility. Exercises should focus on compound exercises that use multi-joint movements that work several different muscle groups. Examples of such exercises are various forms of squats, deadlifts, bench press, back rows, pull ups, etc. Men should also have a strong abdominal core as well, since this area is the center of all your strength. The symbolism of the swastika and the black sun would be meaningless if it was devoid of a divine center. The study of martial arts should also be encouraged, especially Russian Systema, ancient Indian martial arts such as Kalaripayattu, and Judo.
Women should stay active, long walks through nature, cardiovascular workouts, and light aerobic exercises. Although modern-day yoga can provide great health benefits, it is completely devoid of any higher spiritual connotations, degenerating into another modern-day “exercise fad”. A good alternative would be studying traditional forms of T'ai chi ch'uan or Runic Yoga that implements yoga postures according to the Runes of the Elder Futhark. I will devote an entire article on Runic Yoga for our female readers at a later time.

Avoidance of Modern Forms of Entertainment
Overexposure to modern forms of entertainment can also hinder your spirit, by the use of subliminal messages and occult psychological manipulations. Modern-day pop music is filled with countless subliminal messages that substantially alter the mind and soul of its users, turning them into nihilistic- materialist drones that become ethically indoctrinated by the Demiurge. Notice the internal changes within yourself, after listening to popular music, television shows or degenerate Hollywood movies. These thoughts and feelings are not your own. They are foreign to your spirit, unnatural to you. Now compare this to the state of meditation and the feeling you get while listening to beautiful symphonies or folk music, or reading about philosophy and spirituality. The former degrades our spirit, while the latter elates our soul and brings us to higher planes of existence. The spirit of the age is dedicated to your spiritual devolution and descent into materialism; pop culture and modern entertainment are their primary tools.