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Thomas asked someone to post this here because his machine can't get to Salo:
Niccolo and Donkey

I'll turn to this tomorrow morning. Thanks.
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I just skimmed the OP and comments so this is more off the top of my head. The Orthodox Churches consider themselves the national Churches of their respective peoples in their geographic redoubts. Rome was the Patriarchate of the Western Empire; it was not supposed to be (from the Orthodox perspective) the global Church. This is why paradoxically the Orthodox used to have much more dialogue with the Anglicans/Episcopalians than Rome until the former went off the rails. It was quite natural for a nationalist institution like Golden Dawn to embrace their national Church. Of course, the educated men who make up the Orthodox hierarchy are as enamored of 'catholic' universalism as any modern educated person. The debate has not been entirely squelched in Orthodox circles. Here is a very interesting comment from an Athonite monk, originally from New Zealand:

My thoughts here:
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Good poast by Thomas :agree: . Too bad he hates Salo!

It's interesting to finally see a serious take on GD. They do appear to be at least somewhat professional and intent upon playing the long game (TV chimpouts aside), aiming at a broader Eastern European consensus. GD is still openly hostile to "Macedonians", but I could see muslim hostility trumping Balkan ethnonationalism.

As for the Sunni Awakening (is he referring only to the Iraq movement?) Israel seems to be complacent with the selective Saudi/UAE-directed Arab Spring that is conveniently destroying Iran's secular allies (Libya and Syria) and cleansing the Shia population from Iraq and other locations in the near east.