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“Hyperborea is not located within the physical earth, as known today. In Tibetan cosmology our universe is one among many. The whole "is like an onion," as they say, and universes are separated from each other like layers, going from surface to surface.” -Miguel Serrano
The First Hyperborea was beyond space and time, existing as a terrestrial but immaterial homeland. It existed within the transcendent, independent from and lying beyond the limits of ordinary subjective experience. The First Hyperborea was infinite, boundless in measure and was not restricted by the circles of reincarnation. The Hyperboreans were one with Vril, the divine Green Ray and the light of the Black Sun.

As Serrano describes:

“But the real Hyperborea, the First, cannot be circumscribed within earthly geographic areas. The Pre-Classic Greeks would have known this when they gave it that name. Hyperborea means "beyond Boreas." Boreas is a God, son of the Titan Astreo and the Goddess Aurora. Which is to say he is hyper-Boreas, something beyond that God. Boreas is also a wind, the Boreal or north wind. The Demiurge is in fact a respiration, a pneuma, a pleroma. Hyperborea means beyond the Demiurge, beyond his Breathing. Therefore there would exist a Second Hyperborea built in the image of the First by the divyas who came to battle in the Universe of the Demiurge. This is the Polar Hyperborea that was visible in the Satya Yuga.”

The Hyperboreans came “from other stars, from Venus, the Star of Morning”, arriving on Earth to establish the new primordial center of the world. The White Gods were beyond time, belonging to another age. The new Hyperborea was outside the conventional understanding of being. This was the beginning of the Satya Yuga or Golden Age. This primordial paradise was located on the northern continent, reflecting the perfect and original state of the Hyperboreans. The worldly Hyperborea was a perfect Utopian civilization, with a warm climate that was free death, disease, famine and war. The White Gods were asexual and reproduced by non-physical means through spiritual plasmic projections, living in a perpetual higher consciousness through the 3rd Eye. They harnessed the sacred Vril, the Green Ray, as the Black Sun flowed through their sacred blood.

However, the Hyperboreans now inhabited a realm ruled by the Demiurge, the inferior entity that controls the material universe and natural law, whose first creations of mimicking human life resulted in the Neanderthal Man, primate-humans, and other grotesque abominations. The White Gods were now under the dominion of the demiurgical realm, entrapped in the repeating cycle of Samsara as their immortality would be sacrificed. They would be subject to the Way of the Ancestors and reincarnate on the Earth indefinitely. The Hyperboreans found this absolutely unacceptable and rebelled against the cosmic regime of the Demiurge, choosing the Way of the Gods, the self-liberating act of reincarnation and giving them the choice of returning to the earth as Bodhisattvas.

A great war then erupted between the Hyperboreans against the carnal forces of the Demiurge. As the guardians of Vril, the Hyperboreans harnessed this energy and used it against their Demiurge enemies. This war resulted in the earthly creation of Hyperborea in the North Pole, “taking the form of a physical, circular continent from which the Hyperboreans began to organize the spiritualization of the Earth.” The Hyperboreans fought courageously and victory was near, until a group of the White Gods spiritually transgressed and mixed their divine Olympian blood with the women of the Demiurge. The primordial miscegenation between Gods and Man has been documented in countless sacred texts, including Genesis 6:4: “The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when God's sons came in to men's daughters. They bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” Their purity of blood was lost.

The subsequent fall of Hyperborea transpired when reproduction degenerated into the physical act with the other races of the Earth, thus ending the Golden Age. A cataclysmic polar shift occurred during the fall of Hyperborea that reversed the two poles, with the original Hyperborean homeland now becoming the South Pole. The ideal homeland of the Golden Age was destroyed, it’s memories covered in ice and subjected to the uninhabitable arctic climate. The Hyperboreans were defeated by the forces of the Demiurge, being forced to leave their homeland and migrate to the southern continents of the world. They founded a new center of the world called Agharta, the hidden Subterranean Empire located in the deepest interior of the Himalayas and is ruled by the King of the World. As image-bearers of Hyperborea, they brought with them their spirituality, culture and technologies to every region and culture on Earth, beginning with Asia Minor and Ancient Egypt. The Hyperboreans attempted to remake their lost homeland in every region of the world, building pyramids, creating civilizations, anointing divine kings, and bestowing their knowledge to the enlightened Brahmin castes.

After the burning of the Library of Alexandria, the last texts and documents regarding the origins of the Hyperborean race were lost forever. Our knowledge of “The Land of the North” can only be discovered through subjective experience, myths and sacred legends, ancient philosophical works, holy texts, and interpreting the works of various mystics and occult figures.