Rules that Fatale must follow while BAP is a guest at her place in Rio

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Niccolo and Donkey
Fatale you must follow the rules below:

1. only speak to Bronze Age Pervert when spoken to

2. do not make eye contact with BAP unless asked

3. always be awake before he wakes up

4. make sure that a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice and a glass of ice water is waiting for him and will be served to him (by either you or the maid) when he gets up

5. give him three options by way of menu for lunch and for dinner and make dinner reservations after he makes his selection

6. the apartment must be in absolute silence for 30 minutes before he goes to lift so that he can focus, concentrate, and mentally prepare himself without distractions

7. fresh flowers to be arranged daily in his room BUT NO ROSES!

8. when BAP brings home a female to nail, you will be very polite to her and you will make small talk with her so that he doesn't have to speak to her

9. while he is with her in the bedroom, you will be in the living room and will be on Salo

10. Name the Jew

Will that be all or won't His Highness be needing the contact information of all my attractive female friends? Any speficic dress code requirements for me?

Niccolo and Donkey
These are all good questions that will be answered.

Next we need to figure out how you will address him when he allows you to speak to him.

11. make sure to let Salo know what he is eating at all times.


Is she to pay for his airplane travel(s), nightclub drug abuse and arrange a strongman taxi driver to pick him up at the airport?

Niccolo and Donkey
No, those should be taken care of by others. Her role is to ensure that his stay at her place (which she owns) is as enjoyable as possible.
Stars Down To Earth

What are all these rules for?

Something tells me that BAP would be a lot more interested in spending time with Fatale's husband than with Fatale herself, during his stay in Brazil.

"Your Majesty", of course. Anything less will not do.