S. Korean Military Head Says Will Strike N. Korea for Nuclear Test

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North Korea is preparing for its 3rd nuclear weapons test and can detonate any day now. This following publication by the North Korean government of a video depicting New York destroyed by a North Korean missile attack, set to "We Are the World".

The head of South Korea's military has recently given a press conference stating that South Korea will launch a preemptive strike on North Korea's nuclear missile related facilities, and that South Korea doesn't need permission from the United States.

The new government in South Korea is the least friendly to North Korea. It is led by the daughter of South Korea's former general-dictator, staunchly anti-Communist, anti-North, and militaristic. It doesn't want to aid North Korea, it doesn't want to negotiate with North Korea, and it will not tolerate North Korean nuclear advances on its watch. I don't doubt that they'll bomb the kid in Pyongyang.



Comments from South Koreans translated to English
Comments from Naver :
Kim Jung-un ignites World War III.- Nostradamus
Remember that bitch who called soldiers home-guarding dogs? Would she be watching news these days?
We cannot buy peace with money after all. Our unconditional aid in the past ended up helping North Korea get armed with nuclear weapons.
Pull the f-king bodies of Dae-jung and Mu-hyun out from their graves…
Even if we implement pre-emptive strikes on North Korea, the UN wouldn’t help North Korea, would they.
Kim Jae-kyu at the moment I hate you most.
Nuke Dae-jung rotting in hell, do you realize what crazy shit you did? [referring to Kim Dae-jung government's large-scale aid for North Korea.]
What’s good if war breaks out?
If war breaks out, pro-Japan collaborators will be the first ones to flee.
This is such a serious situation. I don’t think you guys on here get how big the problem could turn into. If what the Joint Chief of Staff has said is true then North Korea has some pretty serious nuclear weapons of a 1000KT class. A 15KT grade atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and that killed 140k people. If those levels of weapons (1000KT) were dropped on this country then tens of millions of people would die instantly.
I want to emigrate but I have no money!! I hate communists~~~
Ahead with the pre-emptive strike, ke ke ke. Don’t shy away from war~~~
They will do the test after October. You know why? It’s because of the harvest period. If they prepare for war before that period ends, they will ruin the harvest. And if the harvest season goes wrong, Kim Jung-un will have to resign. Jang Seong-taek can take over or revolutions can happen. Some people thought Kim Jung-un would be done in one year or two.

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